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Post your Florida travel questions here and I will answer them.

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Is it one of the more expensive places in the USA?

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If you want to live in Florida and be in one of the civilized areas close to the coast, then yes it can be a bit pricey (people who spend all that money for the most expensive houses that are right on the beachfront are imbeciles, BTW).

As far as just visiting, there are plenty of affordable attractions to see and affordable lodging. Just keep in mind that if you go with a cheaper hotel, you will very likely be the only non-Spanish-speaking guest in the building.

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Why do so many weird things happen in Florida?

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Ah thanks y no pienso que eso era un problema.

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A big factor is that most of the population is not originally from here (be it foreign immigrants or people from the Northern parts of the USA), and people tend to act differently in places where they don't feel an "attachment." Hence, they are slightly less motivated to be civilized.

Also, as opposed to other parts of the country where the urban centers very gradually go from densely populated to sparsely populated as you go further from the center, in Florida there is a huge change from dense to sparse once you are about 15 minutes away from the coast. Hence, news reporting from the urban areas are able to cover all the shenaningans that happen in the rural areas more often because the rural areas are much closer to the urban areas where the media is located.

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I'm going to Orlando in February '13, please answer me which amusement parks I should not miss and please tell me if it's too chilly there in February. Thanks Florida you are my greatest ally.

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February is like the very best time to go to Florida. Weather is warm and pleasant and not very cold (sometimes we do get a cold snap, but a jacket is all you need), and it's the off season so crowds are low.

Epcot at Disney World is the best theme park in Orlando. They have several high-end rides (most popular one is Soarin', so do that one first before lines get too long). My favorite part, though, is the World Showcase in the back half of the park with the various country pavillions. Each country has various booths and stands that serve traditional snacks and alcohol from each country, so you can go Drinking Around the World (the new tequila bar inside Mexico is God-tier).

The three other Disney parks are great, as well as the two Universal parks (The Islands of Adventure park at Universal is where Harry Potter is), and the one SeaWorld park. There are several other parks and tourist attractions besides those, but those are mostly visited by people who can't afford the good places and they are not as good.

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Thanks Florida! I've been to Orlando in '98, so I guess I'll have lots of things to catch up. Back in 98 there was a "museum" that looked like a mansion upside down but it was closed, does that still exist, is it worth the visit? Also, fun fact, Brazil would have a place in the world showcase but our bureaucracy couldn't reply to Disney world fast enough so we lost our place to Mexico.

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>Back in 98 there was a "museum" that looked like a mansion upside down but it was closed, does that still exist, is it worth the visit?

That is the WonderWorks Museum. It's still there. It's like an "interactive" museum with stuff themed around "fun with science" and things like that. I haven't been to that one, but I have been to places similar and they are "meh" at best if you are older than 12.

Personally, I don't care for anything on International Drive where it is located, because traffic is horrifying and it has no shame in terms of looking like a cheap, hardcore tourist trap. If you ever have an opportunity to avoid the main stretch of International Drive between SeaWorld and Universal (red dots on the pic), do so, and use Interstate 4 or Universal Boulevard instead.

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Got it Floridabro, I'll keep that in my mind.

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OP here...

There is a lesser-known small park in Orlando undergoing a huge expansion that I just found out about. It's at Fun Spot Action Park off of International Drive and its expansion will include two decent mid-sized roller coasters opening this March, after which time the park will be renamed "Fun Spot America" (FYI, there are two Fun Spot locations, the other one being further south outside Kissimmee named "Fun Spot USA").

The main draw of these parks up until now are their various multi-level go-kart tracks and being an inexpensive alternative to the bigger corporate parks in the area, so if you want a cheap, but cozy theme park experience in Orlando the Fun Spot parks are what you are looking for.

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Where are the best beaches to relax and to hang out with younger folks. Is it true that you have so many old people there? I´m ok with that but I don´t have to hang around rotten meat all the time :3

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The best beaches in Florida are on its West Coast. Those are frequently rated as the best beaches in the mainland US. If you want a cool beach with young folks, try Clearwater Beach near Tampa or Panama City Beach in the panhandle. Daytona Beach will have lots of young folks also, but it is on its East Coast and the beaches there are not as good and more crowded.

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jacksonville go yes or no?

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no full of faggots. Mississippi is much better anyway

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Is there a ball for that?

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Jacksonville is a dump. I'm not being harsh, it's just a terrible place.

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Tell me what i shouldnt do in Florida.
Im scared about the police from USA.

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you'll probably be ok seeing as how you speak the local language

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Eh, the police are generally pretty chill so long as you aren't doing anything fantastically dangerous or generally being a hoodlum in broad goddamn daylight.

Florida cops WILL ticket you for speeding and other stupid road laws so KNOW THE RULES and be careful about that if you don't want a waste of time and money.

Best places to go in my opinion are Orlando, (Awesome nightlife and tourist stuff, really good clubs and a lot of things to do during the day too.) Tampa/St. Petersburg (good beaches -in Clearwater- and nightlife -NOT IN CLEARWATER, go to Tampa/ St. Pete for that) and also there are nice beaches in Sarasota and Cocoa Beach is fun for surfing.

Miami is okay but it's pretty grimy and also is expensive in my opinion. The beaches are really cool though and it is famous for unbelievably sexy women everywhere -this is true!

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yo Floridabernd i will be across the pond real soon and i think of going down south. Any advice on hotels and such on the Florida Keys?

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I've never been to the keys, personally. There are amazing beaches just like in the keys all over the state and the keys have no amusement parks. I guess you could say that the keys simply don't...turn me on nyyyyyaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.

Anyway, in Florida you should never ever go cheap with hotels, especially if they are by the water. Bugs...bugs everywhere.

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>jacksonville go yes or no?

Jacksonville has almost nothing to offer for tourists except for the historical state park for Fort Caroline, the old French fort built in 1564 that the Spanish destroyed a year later. The structure you see there now is a mock-up and it's just a three-corner wood fortification. MEH! If you want to get some more legit history feels in Florida, the #1 place for that is a few hours south in St. Augustine, the oldest continuously-occupied European-founded city in the mainland US. They haz a REAL fort.

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It looks like the Fun Spot America expansion will not be completed until 8 June 2013. They are making swift progress, though.

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I traveled to Fun Spot America in Orlando about a week ago to check out its new expansion. It was small, but a good value for the money. No parking fee, no admission fee, and unlimited soda for $5.00. Also, an unlimited ride wristband is $40 and a sampler wristband where you can ride only four times is $30. This is a value for Orlando, considering the big parks at Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld are $90 or more now just to get in.

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Autumn is here now and this is one of the best times to visit Florida, as it is one of our off-seasons (the other is Winter after New Year's Day).

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2014 is a notable year for Orlando parks, as the final phase of the Fantasyland expansion at Magic Kingdom in Disney World has completed and, very shortly, the second phase of Harry Potter will open at Universal Studios. The latter has an interesting setup. In Universal Studios, there are two separate parks and each phase of Harry Potter is in a different park (connected directly only by a Hogwarts Express replica train ride). It's brilliant from a business perspective, because if you want to see 100% of the Harry Potter stuff, you have to pay for two parks instead of one.

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If you go to Magic Kingdom in Disney World and only eat one thing, you must try pic related. It's a spicy chicken waffle sandwich at the Sleepy Hollow Inn next to the Hall of Presidents. I give it a FREEDOM/10. Very delicious.

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If you want to see full-size steam trains in Florida, but don't want to visit a theme park, there is only one place where you can do this: the Orange Blossom Cannonball in Tavares, just north of Orlando. The locomotive was built in 1907 and was featured in several recent Hollywood movies, such as "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

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Is this thing still on??

Gonna be in Orlando for a conference in a couple of weeks. After that i got a weeks time and a car on my hand. Any suggestions on where to go and what to see except for theme parks and beaches?


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As i was in Florida as a kid 25 years ago, I saw Mr Ed and lassy. Are they still there? :3

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Additional Info: In Disneyland of course.

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>Any suggestions on where to go and what to see except for theme parks and beaches?

Going to Orlando and not wanting to go to theme parks or beaches is like going to Las Vegas and not being interested in gambling or buffets.

There are some tourist-friendly attractions of note in the Orlando area that are not owned by the mainstream theme park operators, though.

Pic #1: I-Drive 360 is a shopping center run by Merlin Entertainments (the guys that run Legoland and the London Eye), and it includes the Orlando Eye (currently the biggest observation wheel on the East Coast), a Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, and a Sea Life Aquarium.

Pic #2: Gatorland is a little roadside attraction that has been operating since the 1940s. They have alligator wrestling shows as well as alligator feeding shows where they are fed all at once and they go into a feeding frenzy. They also have zip lines going over the alligator habitats.

Pic #3: the Kennedy Space Center is about one hour east of Orlando and is arguably the most significant museum in Florida. It's main exhibits are a complete unused Saturn V rocket and the Space Shuttle Atlantis. It also has a state-of-the-art space shuttle launch simulator.

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One of the greatest natural attributes possessed by Florida is its wealth of freshwater springs.

People estimate that there are more springs concentrated in Florida than any other place on Earth (there are over 700 springs of various sizes throughout the state). Of those, ~30 are first magnitude springs (100 cubic feet of water per second, or 2,832 liters of water per second, emitted or more). Those are the largest springs and tend to be the most popular ones for visitors and are especially nice to visit in the Winter months, when hundreds of manatees swim inland to the spring waters to stay warm. The closest ones to the Orlando area are in Blue Spring State Park and De Leon Springs State Park, both of which are about halfway between Orlando and Daytona Beach.

Notable nice springs that I have visited are Silver Springs (pic #1; glass-bottom boat rides), Rainbow Springs (pic #2; rolling hills with man-made waterfalls), Homosassa Springs (pic #3; small zoo featuring Floridian wildlife), and Weeki Wachee Springs (pic #4; KC-tier underwater mermaid shows).

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We have recently been to Florida for two weeks. I can recommend juniper springs and alexander springs for the great canoeing tours.

Btw, we had a minimum of 69 Fahrenheit up to 89 Fahrenheit mid february. Just crazy.

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Yes, Winters in Florida are awesome. In Winter after New Year's Day, it's the off season, which means crowds are at their lowest, in addition to the dry and pleasant weather.

On the flip side, never EVER come to Florida in Summer. Crowds are at their worst, it's hot and humid, and there is at least one 10-minute-long torrential rain storm each day.