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/trv/ 214: This thread is about Bavaria. Q & A about Bava...

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This thread is about Bavaria. Q & A about Bavaria go here.

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Why are all Bavarians retarded?

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because fuck you, that's why

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Are bavarians too mainstream for normal germany so they eat weisswurst?

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Sorry, but that's some tourist-traps.
Moneygrabbing jews...

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what makes a white wurst white?
what is inside?

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Are Bavarian women better than other German women? Are they on average lighter haired and eyed?

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Are there any beautiful bavarian brostitutes that are active during Oktoberfest?
How does the local Bavarian community feel about foreigners coming in to ogle their women?

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Let's say I went to Oktoberfest, would Bavarians think I was an ass if I wore lederhosen as a non-Bavarian?

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No, its cute.
Just don't think you'll pass as a Bavarian.
We are quite good in spotting foreigners and tourists wearing faux Tracht just make it realy easy.


>ogle dem wimminz

Don't give a fuck
I stay as far away from the wiesn as possible, to many bydlotourists wandering around.

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Second these, Oktoberfest is just a giant tourist trap and the beer is expensive even for Munich standards.

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the life is a giant tourist trap

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wow, so deep, impart us with more knowledge of wise german ball

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it is too expensive, the girls don't deliver and everything is totally fake

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People wearing Trachtegwand in which they don't belong makes me angry as fuck.

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Was in Bavaria this week, couldn't understand their babbling.

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I'm going to Munich in January next year, so I have a few questions -

what kind of clothes should I wear/how cold will it be, will I need waterproof stuff? What kind of shoes will be ok?

More so, will it be possible to walk around the city and surrounds in that kind of cold, or will that actually kill me?

Also what are some unknown things that I can do in winter around Munich? Like every other tourist, I want to take a day trip to Neuschwanstein and all that jazz, how do I get there, how do I get to the castles, will they be open in winter, and will I freeze to death walking to them in winter (obviously not from munich, but from the nearest town available by train, I presume?)

I'm staying at a place called wombats youth hostel, if anyone's been there and knows it.

Just like all my trips I'd be keen to meet other bernds in the area to show me around/drink with me, or whatever. So let me know if you're interested.

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Just don't wear shorts and sandals and you'll be fine.
One can't really predict if there will be snow in January or not, just prepare for it with a pair or two of warm pants, a pullover and a jacket.
Against possible rain, a 10€ Umbrella should be absolutely sufficient.

Regarding the death-by-freezing:
Is -5 C° already horrible for you?

We are not russia, we normally don't have arctic temperatures, so the cold shouldn't be a problem (provided you don't wear shorts like most Burger-Tourists seem to love to do.)

Just take 1-2 normal pairs of closed shoes, but at least one of them should be warm and snow-proof.
Or forget the latter and just buy a pair if you come here and it does snow.
Pair of gloves would be good to if it does snow, but since this is a gamble, just buy them here or check the weather-report for Munich a few days before you fly.
Neuschwanstein can be visited in January, temperatures shouldn't be a problem.
If you don't have a car or are able to rent one, you'll have to drive there by train and bus
This link:

kann give you the neccessary informations, just save it because it has only informations for the next three months so you'll have to check later.
Your Hostel is close to the Munich central station, so this shouldn't be a big deal.

If you are interested in Tech, keep yourself two days free and visit the "Deutsches Museum". Its not expensive but really worth a look.
As an Aussie you probably would like to visit the "Hofbräuhaus", but to be honest, if you like a good traditional restaurant, just visit the "weisses bräuhaus" and stay away from that other tourist-trap

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>We are not russia, we normally don't have arctic temperatures

Well -20°C aren't unusual.

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thanks for the advices bavaria <3

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are you going to a GGG/666/devot party? i want to but shy.

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I have no idea what that is, explain it, and if I like the sound of it, then sure, i'll go

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they are not anymore in Munich, they moved to Berlin.

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Sooo.. suppose I wanted to spend about 3 months in Germany to improve my Deutsch, as I want to get my Engineering degree from some great Uni in Germany (not sure which uni yet, but most of them are located in the south).

Would it be a good idea to spend this time there as opposed to other parts of Germany? Since I had practically no contact with native speakers before I'm not used to Hochdeutsch anyway, and when I'll understand Schwabisch I should also be able to converse with people from elsewhere, right?

Also, would Stuttgart be a good choice? It doesn't look too expensive, is a relatively good, interesting city with lots of fun shit to do and in case I blow off all my savings on some stupid shit getting a part-time job for a few weeks won't be much of a problem (unemployment is about 5%, and while I've just finished HS I should be able to find SOMETHING, even if it's just flipping burgers - as I've said, I'm not really going to work, but it'll be nice to have some security).


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>Inb4 this faggot doesn't even know what cities are in Bavaria

Yeah, shoulda mention that in my post, but AFAIK Baden-Wurttemberg is very similar to Bavaria

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>AFAIK Baden-Wurttemberg is very similar to Bavaria

Well, its in the south, has a lack of Ossis and Hipsters and the people are nice and not extremly poor, thats as far as similiarities go.

>and when I'll understand Schwabisch I should also be able to converse with people from elsewhere, right?

Probably not so well.
In Germany, movies with heavy bavarian accent have german subtitles, so i suppose it would be the same if BaWü produced movies.
Still, you most likely will only pick up some local specifica like "Weckle", because neither in Stuttgart, nor in Munich do the people speak with heavy accent anymore.

I don't know about the situation in Stuttgart, but at least in Munich, getting some sort of work isn't a problem if you aren't old or uneducated.
At least munich is also pretty secure, idk about Stuttgart, but overall, BaWü is also considered as one of the more secure places in Germany (like all of the south).

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>In Germany, movies with heavy bavarian accent have german subtitles
And I must say this is absolutely adorable.
Munich has great Unis, but is pig expensive and the police is pretty nazi. But everybody there speaks Hochdeutsch so you'll be fine.

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Prost beinand, Buam!

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Study in glorious Franconia, it has the best Unis and living costs aren't unnecessarily blown up like in Munich: Erlangen, Würzburg, Bayreuth, etc.

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I don't get angry but it usually means they're huge jerks.

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seriously why do bavarians wear funny hats? Why do they have such a horrible superiority complex?

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Bavaria sucks, the people are unfriendly and it smell like poo here.

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Why are Bavarian women so much superior to other Germans?

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>superiority complex
>funny hats

American speaking?

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Why is munich club culture not the same as years ago? It's getting worse.

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It's getting worse everywhere in Bavaria. In Regensburg there's not a single club I want to go to anymore.

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>When I understand Schwabisch
>Understanding Schwabisch


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>club culture
Fuck off Keinbernds.

"Clubs" are not part of the Bavarian culture and clubs are for subhumans only anyway.

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I'm not a fan of clubs myself but how about you hate on "keinbernds" on /b/ instead of here?