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jehnglynn Avatar

As it looks like right now Imma get a working holiday visa for Canada and I'll be there starting this September.

I know it's still some time but do you have some general suggestions? Have you even been there yourself on a working holiday visa?

I thought about flying to Alberta and trying to get some work at the oil or mining industry and at april or may-ish I wanted to buy me a motorcycle and drive along the pacific to Mexico.

antonyryndya Avatar

I can help you Bernd. I work in oil industry in Lloyd at the moment. Coming from lower Bavaria I also had to figure out what I need to do. Give me a contact email and I will help you

samscouto Avatar


are you there permanently or do you also do a working holiday?

I got my POE-letter last week and I'll start my adventure at the end of august/early September.

mutlu82 Avatar

I am on a working visa. I will leave in June. Would have been nice to meet here. So here a few hints.
- you need safety tickets, go to an employment office you will get them for free
- start in a big city like Calgary
- first aid, whims and h2s are the basics
- write online applications

I did around 40 online applications and got 3 interviews

There are 3 entry level jobs

Drilling as a roughneck
Seismic as a line runner
Surveying as survey assistant

I earn around 5000 a month after tax

You need to be strong minded
Rude working conditions, many drugs mostly cocaine

Btw you have to pass a drug test

eduardostuart Avatar

What exactly does one learn during a H2S safety training?

>I earn around 5000 a month after tax
Seems pretty high? What's your monthly average cost of living for basic stuff, ~2000 $?

souuf Avatar

P.S.: ok, let me rephrase the H2S question. What kind of work do you learn to do with it? It's pretty obvious that you learn how to use it safely for work in a safety training.

darcystonge Avatar

H2s alive is needed because its naturally in the environment on some locations. You need to be aware of.
I spend around 500 - 800 for food alcohol cigarettes and 800 on rent in a shared apartment. I don't have much time to spend more money, I usually work around 60 - 70h a week. You can spend much more easily.

vigobronx Avatar


>I did around 40 online applications and got 3 interviews

Oh wow, really? Writing so many applications is a lot of work.

>You need to be strong minded. Rude working conditions

I heard that one before. Hard labor often attracts simple minded people...

>Btw you have to pass a drug test

Which drugs do I have to test? ;)

Thank you Bernd, for your advice.

pf_creative Avatar

They will test you on everything. I stopped weed 3 months before and cocaine 1 week before working.
Don't work with hangover and then everything should be good.

ryanjohnson_me Avatar


What about medical marijuana? Is this also illegal when working in oiling or mining?
I was thinking about maybe getting some medical marijuana... I read reports by fellow
work and travelers who said that people there are doing a lot of drugs while working.
So maybe it depends on the company you're working for?

What do you think: how are my chances of getting a job in oiling or mining? Should I apply
for the jobs when I arrived in Canada or should I apply for them when I'm still in Bavaria?
How much time passes from your application until you're really working? Why do you recommend
online applications? I was rather thinking about going there and leave the applications in
person? Where do I get the information about companies looking for staff?

When was the first time you recognized some improvement in your English skills?
One of my top reasons to go to Canada in the first place is to improve my English[spoiler]

Once again: thank you for everything.

chatyrko Avatar

I lived in Vancouver for a Year on a working holiday visa. I had a great time there, from what i've heard all of these oil labour jobs are really hard and like the others said you should really think if this is what you wanna do.
You can easily make up to 3k a month with general labour anywhere in canada even without any profession, while your life isn't a living hell living in the middle of nowhere.

Anyways, people were saying that there's alot of job offers in Fort McMurray. But that's been like two years ago, i don't know if that's still the place to be.

davidbaldie Avatar

It all depends if you have a piss or swipe test. You can cheat on both. Swipetests are just about the last 24h so you should not worry.

You can get weed in Canada every where very easy cheap and good quality. You don't need medical stuff. I don't know what employers think of medical weed.

It is a waste of time to send applications without the certificates. They will hire you if you are physical strong enough and you tell them that you want to start a new life here blablabla.

Is right. The real travel live, where you can enjoy meeting people and tasting freedom is not at the oil fields, but you can make a serious amount of money. I just do it to have some cash going back home.

My English is much better. But it always depends who many people you meet to make progress. So at the moment I am just learning business and technical English.

The best information is in and at an employment office.

yigitpinarbasi Avatar

>>2173 I am sorry
it is really better fuckin auto correct on my tablet plus alcohol

olgary Avatar

>You can get weed in Canada every where
I always felt like alcohol being illegal before 19/21 years of age even boosts this thing, from what it seems like a shitload of people are tokers in Can and the US.

justinrhee Avatar

Does one need a car?

jonesdigidesign Avatar

OP I would not suggest getting a job in an oil field or any primary resource job. This is supposed to be a working holiday so why would you spend it in isolated camps in th middle of nowhere with no girls for miles and 70hr workweeks??

Tell us some more information about yourself such as what you like to do hobbies wise, previous jobs/education etc Etc and we can make some suggestions for you on locations and jobs.

As far as weed is concerned in big citie you will have people selling it in parks or basically if you run into people at bars who are smoking outside or smell Ike we you could ask them. Since you'll be speaking with an accent and obviously foreign people will be friendly to you and know you're not a narco so they'd likely help.

Canada is a great place but very different than Germany, FYI

smaczny Avatar


*I go to the gym at least 3 times a week (I'm really fit. Will be some 80 kg at 1,78 m with very low body fat when in Canada)
*I've got a fairly handsome face
*I play the guitar (classical)
*I love reading
*I browse the internet (I want to overcome my internet addiction in Canada)


Abitur and apprenticeship to information technology officer


*apprenticeship to information technology officer (duh)
*Did some internships as Elementary Teacher, geriatric nurse (12 Weeks each)
*Worked at the assembly line of a big car company as a summer job (4 Weeks)

>why would you spend it [..] with no girls for miles and 70hr workweeks?

What should I rather do? What am I supposed to do when it's cold most of the time? I thought I'd work during winter and when it's late spring I though I'd quit the job and have fun.

I really have no idea what kinda jobs I'll really get and I'll be able to apply for but I read that one's able to make a lot of money at oiling or mining...

Also: Are you trying to convince me to culturally enrich Canadian women?

>Canada is a great place but very different than Germany, FYI

Great! If I wanted it to be like Germany I'd stay in Germany. I want to experience a different culture and different people, though!

karsh Avatar

>*I've got a fairly handsome face
Weird hobby, m8.

soyeljuaco Avatar

Sorry for hijacking your thread Bavaria but in May I'll be visiting Canada for 2 weeks and I've planned to stay the first week in Toronto and the following in Montréal.

I don't want to go for the usual tourist-y spots because I can only assume that they will be overcrowded and expensive.

In short, if you had 1500+ CAD to waste over 2 weeks which places would you visit in Toronto and/or Montréal?

iamsteffen Avatar

>What should I rather do? What am I supposed to do when it's cold most of the time? I thought I'd work during winter and when it's late spring I though I'd quit the job and have fun

Go to a big city and find a job like a normal person? I guess it depends on how you are approaching this trip dude... are you looking to have fun and have a great life experience or toil for hours on end and literally destroy your body with back breaking work??

>Also: Are you trying to convince me to culturally enrich Canadian women?

Firstly, a german impregnating a Canadian woman wouldnt be a good thing. Secondly im trying to say that i think most Bernds on here are interested in women and the company of women and i'm just telling you that the types of places where lots of these resource jobs are don't have any women...

I'm not trying to be a dick here dude i'm trying to give you some advice on how to have a good time. I would suggest Vancouver or Toronto if I were you, maybe even Montreal.

Will you be travelling alone or with a group of people? Suggestions kinda depends on this. I feel obligated to ask because this is krautchan after all. Montreal I have no clue but Toronto I could give some advices.

vladarbatov Avatar

I'll be travelling alone.

areus Avatar

I booked my flight. I'll be landing at Edmonton Airport September 10th.

thinkleft Avatar

Which city are you going to?
I lived in Toronto for over a year and all I can say is that outside its downtown, it's a boring hellholle. I've only visited Toronto, surrounding areas and the niagara falls though. The latter were cool to watch while half frozen though.

mandalareopens Avatar


>I'll be landing at Edmonton Airport

woodydotmx Avatar


Go to quebec and travel there, you'll feel more at home and not many outside quebec speak French

nehemiasec Avatar

Well, enjoy a nice autumn and a hellish winter then.

commoncentssss Avatar

What would be the point of going abroad if my primary objective was to feel at home?

Bernd Avatar

He probably thinks you'll have a bond with Quebecois because of your language and supposed shared culture. You'll definitely get some stares and muh heritage goons, but its nothing terrible exciting. If you really want to see the best parts of Canada, you have to go to the smaller regions and nature.

vikashpathak18 Avatar

Well I finally managed to land in Toronto good thing I managed to grab a handful of vintage postcards at St Lawrence's farmer market, this will probably balance out the fact that I have to share a common room with unknown grills for a week.

mikaeljorhult Avatar

Don't stick your dick in Torontonian girls, they are pure cancer. Go for small towns and country girls, they're quality bitches who will get moist as soon as they hear you.

anass_hassouni Avatar

This shouldn't be too difficult to avoid considering that I'm now in Montreal.
I noticed 2 little things during my stay in Toronto, grills seem to have larger breasts than Parisians. Sadly, their love for yogapants can be quite irritating, good thing Bloorettes tend to counterbalance this ridicoulous fad.

vocino Avatar

>their love for yogapants can be quite irritating

One never sees that in Paris, because it's not haram. You'll get used to it.

Chakintosh Avatar

>yoga pants

I'm sorry??? Wut?

stayuber Avatar

I am from Canada, what would you like to know?

I live in B.C (near Vancouver) for the record.

otozk Avatar


how many black people are there?

where i am living i see 2 - 3 black people tops a day. most day i don't see any.

I haven't talked to a black person for more than 2 minutes of small talk.

how do i prepare myself?

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Fuck off.

aio___ Avatar


Hey Canada.

What can you tell me about Victoria?

I'll be living there for about a year.