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/trv/ 2250: Art holiday through France

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Hello dear /trv/

I want to do a kind of road trip-art holiday through France this summer.
At the moment I would do this alone but I thought it would be nice to have someone else with me who is also interested in art or just wants to go there (for company and saving some driving costs).

Here are some further information:

I'm living in the area of Stuttgart-Karlsruhe in Germany. The road trip is appointed for this summer, end of July/beginning of August. At this point I don't know how long I can go on vacation, but at least 2 weeks, maybe 3 if possible.

As sleeping place I would consider my car or the open field so you should own a sleeping bag and a camping mat.

The rough Trip is at the moment following:
from:Karlsruhe to:Orléans, Frankreich to:Brest, Frankreich to:Rochefort, Frankreich to:Bordeaux, Frankreich to:Lyon, Frankreich to:Karlsruhe
Please note this is just rough draft at the moment.

I'm male, 23yo, german. I can speak some broken French at the moment but I'm trying to (re)learn it until summer so it would come in handy if you can speak French but not a must. I'm a non-smoker so it would be nice if you are too. This doesn't exclude smokers in general. If you don't need to smoke every hour or so while we are on the road and don't smell like a chain smoker I don't have a problem with it.

Sooo that's it for the moment. If you are interested just reply to this thread or e-mail me: berndsen20(a) with the subject "France roadtrip"

If you have any questions just write them into this thread.

maiklam Avatar

The idea sounds great.
>end of July/beginning of August.
Is it possible for you to be any more precise?

raquelwilson Avatar


My preferred time span would be 26.7. - 10.8.(or 17.8.)
This however can vary because my boss has to permit it.

Therefor I'm open for time-span suggestions If you e.g. can only go one week later or so.

iamsteffen Avatar

Ich bin mir noch nicht ganz sicher.
Eventuell bin ich im Endspurt für meine Bachelorarbeit, dann kann ich wahrscheinlich leider nicht.
Wenn es aber gut läuft, sollte ich bis dahin fertig sein und somit Zeit haben.

alta1r Avatar

Sure no problem. But I can only take one person with me for my car isn't this big so if someone else comes first i can't take you with me anymore.

doronmalki Avatar

That's understood.
First come, first serve.

stushona Avatar

So what do you have in mind, when you write "art"? Mostly visiting museums with paintings? Or other forms of art as well?

subtik Avatar

oh sorry I didn't made that more precise:
I would draw a lot, visiting museums if they are interesting and enjoy the country side.
So I think it will be often the case that I start drawing some building etc. and would like to take some time. This would be rather boring for other people who are "only" visiting the places and maybe take some photos. So you should either have no problem with waiting for me or (in the best case) draw too.
I'm also open for suggestions if you have something in mind.

albertodebo Avatar

Designerbernd wäre zwar interessiert, aber hat leider keine Zeit. Falls doch, geb ich dir nochmal in diesem Faden Bescheid. Ich würde parallel zu dir auf dem Motorrad fahren, wenn das Auto voll ist. Ich hab auch ein 3-Mann-Zelt, welches gut ist. Somit wäre das Auto für mich eine Art "Support Vehicle", wo das Gepäck gelagert wird.

Bordeaux ist übrigens eine wunderschöne Stadt, eine meiner liebsten.

kennyadr Avatar

Gibt es denn eine Obergrenze berzüglich der Anzahl der beteiligten Bernds?
Dieser Bernd könnte zur Not (und sofern er es zeitlich gebacken bekommt) ebenfalls ein Auto besteuern.

mizhgan Avatar


Eine festgelegte Obergrenze gibt es jetzt nicht, ich kann wie geschrieben halt nur eine weitere Person in meinem Auto mitnehmen, aber gegen ein zweites Auto spricht eigentlich nichts. Sollte jetzt natürlich keine 10-Mann-Gruppe oder so werden aber so eine 4-Mann-Gruppe ist okeh.

pf_creative Avatar

>Frankreich to:Brest

Brest Bernd here. Why do you want to come to this shitty place?

iamfelipesouza Avatar

You're right.

I changed the trip to Lyon-Nîmes-Beziers-Perpignan-(eventually Andorra)-and back

There's also a fix time-span now: 26.7.-10.8.

So if anyone is interessted mail me [email protected][/soiler]