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/trv/ 2290: What in Paris?

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So I will travel to Paris for four days (it was my GF who came up with the idea). Honestly I am not very happy with her choice but I don't want to reject it. So I try to make the best out of the situation. What interesting things can I do there besides that Eiffel-Louvre-Hotel asian tourist style ? Money is not a problem.

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I heard the catacombs tour is nice but haven't done it yet, I also liked the science museum thing in the far north east near the peripherique. It feels a bit run down, but there's also a cozy park nearby.
Also the Centre Pompidou if you like modern art at all.

If you want better suggestions tell us a bit more about what you enjoy, you can find pretty much anything in a city like Paris.

And just let the whole "I don't like Paris" thing go or you won't like it.

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Okay I will give the catacombs a try. Reading the other thread here, I will skip Disneyland. I am looking for good spots for boat trips on the Seine and alternate routes which are manageable as pedestrian.

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There's a nice view from la Grande Arche. Sacre Coeur is quite beautiful as well.

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Rive gauche > Rive droite
Arrondissements to go to: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 13th, 14th
Don't take the RER D
18th isn't safe at night
In general, avoid areas near Gare du Nord
If you're afraid of dark people avoid Châtelet too
The Eiffel Tower is overrated, avoid it
You can ask for free water at any restaurant
Tipping is not customary
If you are into Japanese stuff you will find what you want in the 13th
Don't go to restaurants in touristy areas, it's a sure way to get poor overpriced food
A sure way to check whether a restaurant is worth going to is the number of people in it and whether they speak French, it means locals like it
People over 25 don't speak English
Clubbing is overrated unless you are rich
The metro is dirty but it just werks and it's fucking practical
You should always buy tickets in bulks of 10, don't buy tickets from random vendors because they do exactly the same. Metro tickets work for any public transport.
All in all Paris is a pretty cool city with a lot of cool stuff to do but you can end up having a shit time if you don't inform yourself beforehand and act like an oblivious tourist

t. Parisian

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go to buddha bar and ask for their coktail made with homemade gin and pepper.

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Not-OP pushing this thread, I'm planning to reenact a rare pepe, i.e. the "sad breakfast at Paris" one by spending my birthday alone in Paris and feeling some feels.


1. I've read about the Ticket Mobilis, is it true that I'm allowed to use the Metro in Zone 1 and 2 as much as I want if I buy one?

2. Public drinking yes/no? What about drinking while riding the Metro?

3. Noice churches beside ND and SC?

4. Où peux-je trouver une GF? ;_________;

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> I'm planning to reenact a rare pepe, i.e. the "sad breakfast at Paris" one by spending my birthday alone in Paris and feeling some feels.

Saddest thing I'll see today and it's just 10AM. 100% kc tier.