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/trv/ 2425: Thailand/Pattaya

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I wanted to make holidays in Thailand this year with the aim to fuck Thai hookers.

Does Bernd have any experience with that? Are cities like Pattay affected by the riots?

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No Thai massage parlours in eastrealm?

judzhin_miles Avatar

Pattaya is just old western men, it's really sad. Stick to Bangkok and if you get tired of the hookers travel up north and see some culture or to some island to hang out at a beach.

Pattaya is just plain awful, pls don't go, srsly man

mshwery Avatar

Ok but what´s the difference? I don´t mind to be around old men.

sava2500 Avatar

Don't they all have a benis?

ayalacw Avatar

It's like having holidays INSIDE a brothel filled with the worst bydlo scum.

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Bangkok is a really cool city that has lots to offer. It's so huge and so fucked up at times, it just never gets boring. Pattaya is just some shitty place full of the worst bydlo scum imaginable while the only benefit in comparison to bangkok is a mediocre beach.

Imagine like hundreds of dirty old men sitting with hundreds of ugly prostitues at Playa de Palma, just worse.

rohan30993 Avatar

So what about that cozy island Koh Samui?

grafxiq Avatar

I think that's pretty much what he wants.

syntetyc Avatar

What would a realistic budget estimate look like for one week of Bangkok or Pattaya?

itskawsar Avatar

My father tripped there once on LSD. Pretty much hippies i think.

orkuncaylar Avatar

British and Euro Tweens on a two-week spring break holiday. Lots of booze, drunken idiots and DJ Antoine. It's like Ibiza with the Mallorca crowd and Buddhas.

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Ko Samui is fairly dull and sterile these days; it's for families more than backpackers. Ko Pha Ngan is where the parties are, but that's mostly contained to one corner of the island (Haad Rin), and most of the degeneracy only takes place once a month, anyway. The rest of the island is actually very scenic and laid back - still touristy, but not obnoxiously so. Ko Tao is the smallest of those island and less developed, so generally a nicer place to just chill out and dive or whatever. There is one particular bar there whose name I forget which is fairly dodgy and that I would advise against frequenting.

To OP, stay away Pattaya. If you want whores you can get plenty in Bangkok in a less depressing atmosphere. You can find that stuff in Patpong and Cowboy and several other places. Careful you don't get scammed, though.

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I was in Thailand in September this year. Please trust those other Bernds. Pattaya is just an awful place. I took an 2-day trip from Bangkok to Pattaya. It's full with newly rich Russians, Indians & Pakis and it looks and feels just like an more expensive Mallorca/Ballermann.
Bangkok has so much more to offer.

seanwashington Avatar

I was in Thailand quite often. If you want hookers and only hookers then Pattaya is your place. If you want more than a shitty beach then you should go to Phuket or Samui. There are also enough Hookers plus nice beaches/nature.

In Bangkok you get all the Hookers and also a great Bar/Club scene, the hustle and bustle might bother you after week though.

I would recommend 3 days Bangkok, one week on an Island like Samui or Phuket and then again a night or so in BKK before you travel back home.

If you are not going for Hookers at all I can recommend you the small Islands in the very south. Fly to Hat Yai and take a boat to Koh Lipe. Not much of a party scene there but you got laid back bars and crystal clear water.

timgthomas Avatar

Just don't fall in love with those hookers. Watch this movie, you will recognize why.

smenov Avatar

women are meh

yesmeck Avatar

Any news to Thailand since the Military there ripped all the funny places apart? Still cheap hookers to bang easily there? :3

ultragex Avatar

Wtf are you even talking about ...

breehype Avatar

Militairy Coup last year? Not heard about?
They want to better the look of their country, so they close a lot of the illegal clubs and draws hooker of the streets. So i just asking if there are cheap hookers left today. :3

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Nothing changed, everything is the same.

to_soham Avatar

Can confirm. Living here since june last year.

vaughanmoffitt Avatar


Nigga, u made it!

ryanjohnson_me Avatar

i am in bangkok right now.

i have no idea what i am about and everybody is still asleep so I don't even have a companion...

coming here from vancouver with a 3 hour stay in china was interessting. in between i started thinking i am getting to old for travelling like this.

i guess i am gonna stay here for 3 days and then i am headed somewhere south. some nice beaches to get some tan. any recommendations?

wiljanslofstra Avatar


Koh Samui

a_khadeko Avatar


i was in the south but not on that island. I visited the full noon party on koh phangan.

Right now i am located at the mighty
Mekong river. It is very nice here.

erikdkennedy Avatar

If you're in the Nong Khai area, check out Sala Keoku, it's awesome. Just rent a scooter in town and drive there, its good fun.

yigitpinarbasi Avatar


koh phangan is next to koh samui :P

motionthinks Avatar

Just go to Germany or the Netherlands

saulihirvi Avatar

Meh, even the cheap thai hookers cost at least 80€/30min for fucking, 30-50€ for a BJ or a "Massage" is 60€/1h. Its way too expensive if you look at prices in thailand

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keyuri85 Avatar

That's more than I pay here and the girls look better too with more variety.

michaelkoper Avatar

I never was in Catalonia. Post pics of your hookers there. Maybe i will go there on my next holidays then :3

id835559 Avatar

80€/30min would be 150€/1h. You could get a really good hooker for that here. Normal is around 100€/1h. There are often promotions for less. And that's only for the center of Barcelona. No idea about the giant brothels outside the city.
Downside: If you can only speak English you're going to get ripped off by the Romanians (who claim to be from god knows where). You can still put your penis in her vagina for the price, but it's awful. Latinas are the way to go.

markolschesky Avatar

In Pattaya you can fuck hookers for like ten bucks.

jqueryalmeida Avatar


not true

silv3rgvn Avatar


SO true....was just there after finishing a 1 week business trip to Singapore. 3 days Pattaya and you still get freelancer hookers for 400 Baht= 9,80€ shortime.....

joki4 Avatar

I am still in Pattaya. I want go back to Bangkok but its raining too much. 3 Days of pattaya full of rain and flood now. Pictures from me and social media. Enjoy!
For questions: Line ID: germanrobert

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I was there for 2 weeks last year. There are cute hookers that stay the whole night with you in the hotel for a little more then 20€. So i bet they are some that will fuck you for 10 Bucks.

arashmanteghi Avatar

Look for a "Laufhaus" Bernd in FFM they get as cheap as 25€ for half an hour of blowjob and secks

necodymiconer Avatar

This...also add tons of Russian bydlo. When driving thorugh Thailand on a holiday a few years back we stopped there for a night (no hookering, we really just wanted to travel and see the country). It was extremely depressing to see all those old losers and fat subhumans.

pdugan19 Avatar

Rather 15 minutes. Also only the ugly ones. Hot young ones sometimes want 50€ or more and then ask for 10€ to take their bra off or everytime they change position. Also horrible bydlo there, like seriously gypsy-ghetto in Bucarest-tier horrible.

marciotoledo Avatar

I went to Thailand a couple years ago on a school trip and there was shit on the floor of the billiards room

superoutman Avatar

I'm sure there's more than one billards room in all of Thailand, could you be more specific? I'm assuming Bangkok?

mactopus Avatar

>old losers and fat subhumans
Aka bernds

anhskohbo Avatar

Possibly the easiest place to bang azn chicks, but please use protection; they have all of the disease. Also they won't hesitate to stab your shit.

And be sure they don't have a dick, the ladyboys are prevalent and extremely violent.

linux29 Avatar

Bon Appetit!

craighenneberry Avatar

What is the situation with marijuana in Thailand? I do it not just for fun, it is also an indispensable drug for me. How it is handled there?
And how is the medical treatment there? A supplementary I have.

pf_creative Avatar

Have Fun in the Bangkok Hilton :3
Nah, Weed is illegal there, but you "just" have to pay money and maybe you arent allowed to join thailand ever again. But the local cop in Thailand earns something around 300€ a month so they are often open to bribery :3

dutchnadia Avatar

danke, hat sich dann für mich erledigt.

christianoliff Avatar

Naja musst halt Orte aufsuchen die etwas versteckter liegen. Oft haben ganze überfüllte Stadtviertel nur 2 Polizisten die da mal Patroullie fahren. Da muss man schon ziemliches Pech haben erwischt zu werden. Hast du allerdings genug dabei um als Händler in Verdacht zu geraten bist du ziemlich im Arsch. Da fängt man sich schnell mal einige Jahre. Asiaten unterscheiden eher selten zwischen harten und weichen Drogen.

scottgallant Avatar

Das Problem ist Kiffe dort zu bekommen. Wenn die so regressiv sind, ist es rar und teuer.
Die verderben einen aber wirklich überall den Spaß!

pehamondello Avatar

go to cambodia.

vigobronx Avatar

Ist das hier der Sextourismus-Faden?

Bernd hätte Lust ein paar Latinas zu vernaschen, ist aber arm wie fick, da Student. Also muss ein sehr günstiges Land her, Bernd dachte an Nicaragua.
Gibt es hier einen Bernd, der schonmal dort war, und wenn ja, was kann er Bernd über die dortige Sicherheitslage sagen? Bernd möchte ungern gemessert werden, andererseits hört man ja, dass Nica mit das sicherste mittelamerikanische Land sein soll.
(Bernd hätte auch nichts gegen einen Bernd-Flügelmann einzuwenden :3)

johnriordan Avatar


70430 sollte kein Problem sein. Für den Flug kannst du ein paar mal bumsen

donjain Avatar

Ja, vor der Haustür ist immer einfacher, Bernd möchte aber nicht ausschließlich ficken, sondern auch was von Natur, Land und Kultur mitbekommen, es geht schon um die Gesamterfahrung. Zumal Bernd als weißer Ausländer auch eine höhere Chance auf kostenlose Fickierung hat.

cat_audi Avatar


Eigentlich ist es das einfachste die jungen post-abi-travellerinnen zu weiten.

motionthinks Avatar

kommt glaub ich stark drauf an wo man hinfährt. ich hab seltenst wirklich junges gemüse zu gesicht bekommen, in australien zb sieht das sicher anders aus.

herrhaase Avatar


Dann hast du was falsch gemacht. Als ich in SOA war, habe ich nur Travellerinnen gefickt und nicht eine Nutte...

Das ist jetzt 2 Jahre her und seitdem keinen Sex mehr gehabt. ( ._.)

trueblood_33 Avatar

Lesekompetenz? SOA waren immer hauptsächlich Studies, Leute die gerade mitm Studium fertig geworden sind - teilweise sogar noch älter.

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anaami Avatar

Gras gibt es in ganz Asien an jeder Ecke zu Schleuderpreisen. Schmuggel nix über Grenzen und hol dir immer nur kleine Mengen.

Millionen verkiffte Westler mit verfilzten Haaren und ungeputzten Zähnen kiffen sich jedes Jahr durch SOA ohne das geringste Problem.

snowwrite Avatar

I don't know but Pattaya is a city full of white trash. So if you have some self-respect you should go somewhere else in Thailand. They have hookers basically everywhere.

ntfblog Avatar

Don't visit Koh Phangan if you're into hookers. But there's plenty of young and autonomous ladies:

ryhanhassan Avatar

Dieser Bernd hat Angst er würde nach einem Thailandurlaub bei der Rückkehr in ein tiefes Loch der Depressionen fallen. ;_;

sindresorhus Avatar

wahrscheinlich täte es Bernd schon dort, denn man ist unter Fremden allein

degandhi024 Avatar

Bernd ist immer arrein. Ich will nur süße kleine Nutten die mir vorgaukeln das ich geliebt werde ;_;

Shriiiiimp Avatar

Bernd, der im März für einen Monat in Thailand war, kann dies hart sekundieren. ;_;

thehacker Avatar

Danke Berundo,

I was thinking about a hookerholiday ranging from 2-5k euros for 4 weeks.

But after reading this stuff and realizing that it won't fill the void in my heart that is my broken soul, I'll just spent 50bux on a local hooker.

joynalrab Avatar

War auch im März dort. Warum zum Teufel haben wir uns nicht getroffen? Wo warst du? Erste zwei Wochen BKK, letzte zwei Wochen in der Region Krabi hier.

tweet_john Avatar

Bernd hatte sogar einen Faden auf /b/ zwecks Treffen und gemeinsame Unternehmungen in Thailand erstellt, wurde aber kaum angenommen . Hätte ich vielleicht doch hier machen sollen.

Ich war ein paar Tage in BKK, eine Woche in Krabi, dann rund 10 Tage im Norden: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai und Mae Sot, danach ein paar Tage auf Ko Larn, in Kanchanaburi und wieder BKK.
Vielleicht sind wir uns in BKK ja sogar über den Weg gelaufen, ohne es zu wissen. :3

gojeanyn Avatar

Habe naturgemäß weniger gelauert als ich dort war.

Neuer Versuch. Bin wieder in Asien, Dezember/Januar in Vietnam (HCMC) und Februar/März Thailand (Bangkok).

zackeeler Avatar

Bernd fliegt im Februar in die Philippinen.
Warum BKK, wenn es auch Manila/Angeles sein kann?

csteib Avatar

Vermutlich keine schlechte Idee. Seksurlaub klingt gut, aber Thailand hat fast mehr dickbäuchige Europäer die sich wie die Axt im Wald benehmen und nur Saufen und rumgrölen, als Nutten. Preise werden auch nicht günstiger. Berichte bitte wenn du wieder kommst.

VinThomas Avatar

Gerne, Bernd kombt (wahrscheinlich) am 1. März in BKK an.

silv3rgvn Avatar

Aufdatum, Bernd kommt definitiv am 8. März an.

judzhin_miles Avatar

viel Spaß Bernd mit den Ladyjungens

remiallegre Avatar

4. Februar - Angeles City

jodytaggart Avatar

Can't you just pick up girls off tinder or something? Here girls crave anglo-germanic Ausländer dick really hard.

itsracine Avatar

yeah, but some of us prefer white woman