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/trv/ 2490: Great Britain Travel Thread

areus Avatar

Best things to see, interesting places that ordinary tourists might not know about, where you can find the best food and drink, etc.

vovkasolovev Avatar

Well, got any specific travel route?

I can recommend this pub in Edinburgh for example:

m_kalibry Avatar

Direct route between London and Liverpool/Manchester. Anything, say, less than one hour travel time from that route.

grafxiq Avatar

Also, part of the reason why I would like to visit is because I like trying different beers, but I also have a wife and one small kid already, so if I get to drink, it will have to be a family-friendly gastropub. family-friendly gastropubs in Great Britain...GO!

ryanjohnson_me Avatar

Great Assburger British Railway Journeys:

Seriously, the assburgerness of this show reaches levels previously not know to exist.

_vojto Avatar

From my experience in the UK, any Pub that has an antique look about it qualifies as family friendly and serves decent food. You shouldn't take your family in the evening though, better go during the afternoon when all the drunkards are still working in the coalmines...

marciotoledo Avatar

i'm going to brighton for a few days, is it really as gay as it seems?

jqueryalmeida Avatar

I think Blackpool is like the "non-gay" version of Brighton. I think there are more things for tourists to see there, also.

kurafire Avatar

looks nice, but i have to go to brighton (business trip)

iamfelipesouza Avatar

Also, who makes the best fish and chips?

samihah Avatar

Strayan fish and chips are best, mate.

armcivor Avatar

With shrimps on deh barbie on the SOYD?! OI!

trueblood_33 Avatar

New Zealand*

vj_demien Avatar

swanage railway via bournemouth coach station outside the train station. buses every hour or so

t. knower

erikdkennedy Avatar

Their fish is nicer but their chips are shite.

tmstrada Avatar

It's pretty gay, yeah, but it's fine for straight people too. They're not gonna bum you unless you want them to. The gay bars usually have a rainbow flag or something outside. It's a pretty decent place, certainly better than Blackpool.

newbrushes Avatar

All traditional style pubs serve food and allow children until 9pm or something. If you want a good, affordable pint in Central London, seek out a Sam Smiths pub. You may have to locate them online as they're not always immediately obvious from the outside. Shoreditch, Dalston, Camden, Kentish Town and London Bridge are the best areas to find craft beers that I know of. Camden, Dalston and Southbank (near London Bridge) all have nice food markets too.

erikdkennedy Avatar

The best fish and chip shop I've been to in London was Toff's, but that might be a bit out of the way for a tourist as there's not much of interest in the area except Alexandra Palace.

IIRC you can get good fish and chips on Brighton Pier.

timgthomas Avatar

You should visit Bath and the Roman baths, the city has a different style that I really liked and historic importance.
In London I'd suggest going to Hampstead heath and the botanic gardens at Kew, both are very family friendly.

alta1r Avatar

Been to London once for a week and travelled 3 weeks through the UK by car or should I say lorry?
You should at least spend a week in London. The rest of England is not that worthful sightseeing.
Devon is nice, liverpool, some old castles in Warwick. In my humble opinion the northern parts of England are much nicer. Cheshire, Northumberland (Alnwick castle, the priories and islands,...).
What you really should pay a visit is the other countries: Wales, especially Brecon Beacons and the wye valley. Scotland is an entire country with different culture. One week is okay, however you should plan 2 weeks or go there on a seperate trip. Itineraries and points of interest are too plenty to be all named in this thread.
If you have no financial limits, go visit the Isle of Man and the Scillies. Really unique places.

gojeanyn Avatar

/r/ info about border control and customs in UK.
Should I wipe my notebook/phone?
I heard you could go in jail for not telling them the password.
What sould I visit in London? Any dangerous areas?

mutlu82 Avatar

UK passport control is a pain in the arse if you're not an EU citizen, but if you are it should be fine. I've never been to a country where they've even asked what's on my computer, let alone wanted to inspect it - maybe the norks would.

I don't really have any recommendations on what to do in London - if you like seeing expensive cars then wander around belgravia and knightsbridge.

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When I travelled to the UK, the border control roach at the airport was very friendly when he saw that I was German. He even feigned interest into German, wanting to know what's the difference between the words "Danke" and "Dankeschön".
Don't expect issues, unless you look like a terrorist.

commoncentssss Avatar

I lived there for some years and NEVER had any issues. In fact, it's just like any other European border control. They won't rummage through your stuff.

snowwrite Avatar

I spent 5 months in england doing nothing. (stayed with my boyfriend)
I could only say that I was going to stay with a friend family, because otherwise would think I wanted to stay illegaly or marry which requires a visa.
The guy checking my passport was thick as a brick.
I demonstrated I had the money for a year (that I was going to spend in the country) a place to stay, a return ticket, and a career back in Chile.
He just could not comprehend the meaning of a sabbatical semester, he didn't know the word sabbatical and eben though I explained it to him he was stuck with the word. "sabbatical, are you jewish?"
He was going to let me in anyway , but insisted on knowing why I would spend 5 months in the country as a tourist. In the end the guy from the other border control had to re-explain what a sabbatical semester meant.
He also spent like 20 minutes with a japanese guy before me.