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chrisvanderkooi Avatar

How the fuck do poorfags get to travel? I don't have enough money to backpack around like little prince trust-fund or some spoiled brat. I'm not broke as fuck but here are my stats:

>no job
>no encumbrance (no one to worry about)
>$5000 USD
>English and Spanish

If I can't work without a permit and I can't get a permit without being approved and I can't do that if (according to the law) there are citizens who can do the job.

There's ALWAYS citizens who can do the job wtf.

franciscoamk Avatar

5000 USD should be enough to do some travelling.

subtik Avatar

>5k USD

ffbel Avatar

>$5000 USD
>I don't have enough money
Not sure if trolling ...
This amount of money will last you for over a year of travelling.

maiklam Avatar


I suppose it would be enough to travel, but then I'm fucked when I get back. No job, nowhere to go, nothing to fall back on.

freddetastic Avatar

I Don't get it. Are you an immigrant or why do you need a permit?
Save 2000 bucks for your return. Check for jobs in the last week of you trip. Better get a job for the time after your trip before you even started.
Stay at the YMCA until you gst your first salary or aks your friends if they let you move in for a week (guess you get you salary weekly, not monthly). 3000 bucks are enough for a long trip through the USA. Check for cheap flight tickets to kambodia or something else in that area. Night in a Hotel:2$. Meal max. 1$, in foreign currency a lot less. People over there earn app. 1-2$ a Day.
Avoid(!!) places that are flooded with americans. Asians tend to think every Ami has a gold shitting donkey in his backyard because of some spoiled brats who don't know how to manage their money.
Avoid Europe.
3000$ are enough for a year in NZ/AUS. Simply do work and travel. Book your flighttickes for ~1200, carry a bankpaper that shows you have 4200NZ$( don't actually need it, they just want to avoid people who aren't able to support themselves during the stay), pay the 180$ fee for the W&T Visa, thats it. Enjoy your stay, get a job quick, do some easy work, travel around. W&T is made for this purpose.

iamfelipesouza Avatar


Sounds alright. I want to get out and get back. I don't know how long $5k can do that or if the work laws of countries will let me do it.

iamsteffen Avatar


As for NZ or Strailia, I'm preferential to a Spanish speaking country. My Spanish skills need an injection.