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So, i have really nothing to do (else than lift weigths and smoke cannabis) since i get around 1k euros for not beign suited for work due to mental problems (cheated the shit and fucked the system, took LSD, called an ambulance and said i was been going crazy for many weeks and i couldnt stay at home anymore etc, and was taken to a mental ward for few months and got diagnosed with schizophrenia). I am going to get a new statement in the end of this year, that last's for the next full year again, and i got an idea that my lifestyle would be more suited for a country like Netherlands, where i could smoke ganja without gettin harrased by the state (and not paying so fucking much for it, as its so costy around here) and gettin angry looks and beign a subject of normalfags gossip etc.

So, i plainly have many questions and ideas. The cheapest way to travel there, would be with a car. I got a diesel box van as a car, and i could use it as my "apartment" where i would keep my stuff and sleep to save money since i dont need any comforts or luxuries. Or if its a stupid idea to keep a car there, i could think of the possibility of flying there, but then i'd need a long time lasting, and cheap place for staying.

And if i travel with a car, is there any long-lasting park spaces for a suitable, low fee? And also, do any of them have availability of electricity to car? If not imma just charge my electronic gadgets at some coffee shop.

Next dilemma would be the gym, i'd need a gym suitable for power lifting oriented bodybuilding. (Heavy lifts, no need for any fancy machines, but they are bonus). The gym doesnt need to have anything fancy bonus stuff, but they are bonus also. For a reasonable price.

So, the main problems to be solved would be a place for me to keep my car, and a place to train. For the idea of getting a place to stay at, i would be more than pleasant if there is any "communities" or other organisations that have places where to stay and meet people etc. I wouldnt deny the idea of joining some hippie commun etc.

So, there is my main questions, didnt come up with other questions yet, ill add questions when i get something more to ask for.

Thanks for your answers already!

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>And if i travel with a car, is there any long-lasting park spaces for a suitable, low fee?
How long are you planning to stay anyway? Rent a garage?

>Or if its a stupid idea to keep a car there
It is, bicycles and the tram are the way to roll in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is shit btw, except for the lovely architecture. Or at least the inner city with all the tourist stuff. It gives me unpleasant vibes. Rest of NL is much cozier!

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For a full year.

Well, i was thinkin about it too that Amsterdam would be a witches cauldron compared to other cities in amsterdam. Are coffee shops/distribution of cannabis normal in other cities in netherlands/hollan?

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>Are coffee shops/distribution of cannabis normal in other cities in netherlands
Yes. However due to changes in the Netherlands drug policy (especially regarding drug tourism) some border areas aren't supposed to distribute to foreigners anymore, which they want to get going for the whole country.

However I didn't have any trouble buying cannabis last time I was in Amsterdam 2012, it was the same like in 2010 before the new laws. Was in NL this spring but didn't visit a coffee shop, so no idea about the current situation.

>Amsterdam a witches cauldron
It's rather a "den of iniquity", really. There's people drinking, smoking weed, fucking hookers and buying hallucinigene truffels and all, but at least for me it lacks when it comes to providing an atmosphere which make a night out drinking/smoking fun. It's very bydlo/touristic/commercial and sterile in the center. I suppose it's better if you have a local guide who knows the gems of the cities night life/bar scene.

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I think you should try putting your life in order rather than moving to Netherlands to live in a car.

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Work as a bouncer in the redlight district.

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He doesn't plan to live in his car.