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I'm planning a trip to Japan. I would like to see as many sights as possible and several cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Are any Bernds here who have already visited Japan? How much money did you need? How long did you stay? Should I rent a car?

Oh and I'm still wondering if I should travel in a group or alone. What would you prefer?

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I was there for 2 weeks in the beginning of this year. It's really nice and I can recommend it. I visited Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka. It's a beautiful area you have chosen and good connected through the Shinkansen, and the public transportation is very good. So I don't think that you'll need a car. Driving trains, subways and buses you’ll be nearer the to the “real” Japanese people anyways and don’t have to think about left driving or finding rare parking space. As a tourist you can have the Japan Rail Pass and use it to a very reasonable price (like Interrail in Europe).

I was there alone and had a very good time. If you plan to stay at hostels you can sometimes find nice accompany if you like, but you have still the possibility to go alone wherever and whenever you want. So it depends on what you want and of course what you like to spend. I actually enjoyed hostels and little rooms and paid around 15-20 € per night. Food prices are varying, but if you eat at the little restaurants, where you can choose the food out of these plastic samples, it's not expensive. Sushi is available everywhere and when you eat it on the go, you are able to explore even more in your time. I don't speak Japanese, so the pictures in the menus and these plastic dishes where helping me also. But don't be afraid, everybody is nice and they will understand you, even when there are very little English speakers.

The flight is expensive, but how much money you spend is more related to your lifestyle, so it's hard to answer that question. The normal things are normal priced and electronics are a bit cheaper (and without taxes for you). Manga and Animestuff (figurines and so) can be very cheap. You should compare a bit and you'll see some of these resellers sell 30 cm figurines of good quality for around 15-20 Euros each. Of course it's open end (newer stuff/very old stuff), but the yen is relatively cheap, so it's still reliable. If you want for example real expensive dishes (fugu and such) you'll have to pay a lot. As I said, it’s a matter of what you like to have.

Please mention one thing: If you plan to visit the palaces, you’ll have to apply online at least a few days in advance, so that they know your passport and give you the agreement. If you don’t do that you can’t visit them. Therefore it’s free after you do so and you can see more things in there. I was in the one in Kyoto and it’s very beautiful.

If you have more specific questions feel free to ask more.

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If you go to Kyoto and Osaka, and have enough time i'd really recommend going to Kobe and Nara also.

my favourite places:


Kyoto Station Building


Abeno Harukas
Umeda Sky Building
Osaka Castle


Shin-Kobe-Ropeway / Nunobiki Herb Garden and Waterfall /Mt. Rokko
Kitano-cho / Ijinkan

Todai-ji / Nara Park (where the deers are)
Isuien (Garden)

you could spend 2-3 in Kyoto (you probably want to see Gion, Kinkaku-ji or Ginkaku-ji too)
3-4 days in Osaka (you could also visit Amerikamura, Aquarium, Mino-Park, Universal Studios)
and 1-2 days in Kobe and 1 days in Nara

hotels in Osaka and Kobe aren't as expensive as in Kyoto

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Would you have prefered to stay there for a longer time or are two weeks just enough? I'm just asking because I'm currently planning a trip for the next summer and I'm not sure how much time to spend.

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Surely I wanted to stay longer and I think you can easily have a lot of fun in Japan for some more weeks. The reason I was there only for such a relatively short time, was that it was at the very end of my semester abroad in Bali and being in Asia I wanted to visit a lot of countries nearby. So I had 2-3 weeks each for Indonesia (Java), China, Vietnam and Japan. If you flight to one destination only, it would surely make sense to see more of it. The flight is the biggest cost of time and money and so you may want to enjoy the rest of your journey as much as possible. I loved the culture and in the end I wished I had an extra suitcase with me.

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What to do in Tokyo? Give protips, anything goes.

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I want to fly too the next years for a few weeks. I dont need expensive food or go to expensive clubs, but i think i will buy a lot of stuff for home. Trip will mostly be in Tokyo but 3-5 days i will go to kyoto or osaka. Im planning to spend 2000-3000€ for this journey (2-3 weeks i think). Fly and cheap hotels will make alone almost 2000€ so i think about 500-1000 for myself. Are you thinking that will be enough to have a little fun there?

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>Fly and cheap hotels will make alone almost 2000€
You can just get cheap hostel single rooms for 20-30 Euro a day nearly anywhere. Even real normal hotels with your own bathroom shouldn't be more than 50-60 a day unless you book late during New Years or something or want some 5 star hotel.

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I know, but the fly alone often is over 1000€ ;_;

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Book early, look for deals and accept lay overs. I've flown to Seoul for around 800 before.

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I got a Lufthansa nonstop flight from Munich for 720 Euro in September.
If you stop in Istambul or Dubai you can get flights for 500. Check out

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Summer of Japan is terrible moisture.

I recommend that you travel in the spring.

Leave put a Japanese cherry videos.

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I'm gonna be in Japan for four weeks starting from the 10th of September. Is the weather bearable then?

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To Japan AND back? Sounds great to me. But i live in North, so i will look to flys from Hamburg, Hannover or Bremen instead. :3

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If that period, the heat will softened. But you may encounter a typhoon.
And If you're thinking Hakone it must be careful to volcano information.

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Im working actually since a year in Tokyo, Osaki and going stay here for one more year. Japan isnt cheap at all. For holidays consider roughly 1.500€ per 10 days. Car rental is expensive and traveling by train and plane is much cheaper. Its a beautiful country though the major cities arent beautiful at all. its the small towns and the landscape that are just awsome. My suggestion would be to visit some of the hot-springs for a couple of days and enjoy a fullscale relax-programm there. Tottaly worth it!

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Is it true they hate white people?

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Only if they are from murrica :3
Nah, its different from person to person. At least they hate us not so bad like they hate the Koreans.

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Dieses Jahr habe ich für Hin/Rückflug zusammen 750 gelöhnt. Von Leipzig aus nach Frankfurt, von dort nach Tokio. Man sollte da aber ein Dreivierteljahr vorher buchen, ansonsten wirds teuer.

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750 für hin und Rückflug klingt sehr gut finde ich. Ich rechne immer mit 5k für Flug, Hotel und zwei Wochen inklusive shoppen. Dabei hatte ich immer mit 1000-1500 nur für den Flug gerechnet. Schön das man auch günstiger hinkommen kann :3

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Hallo Bernd. Hier ist Sparfuchsbernd.
Nach Japan geht es hier schon ab 170NG hin und zurück. 350NG sind aber auch schon okay. 750NG nur für den Flug sind viel. Total 2008 der Preis.

Geht auf urlaubspiraten. [WWW-Reichsändung]
Und schaut. Nach 3 Monaten habt ihr definitiv eueren 150NG-350NG Flug nach Japan und zurück.

Und wenn ihr dann schon so viel spart, könnt ihr vielleicht noch den geilen Süßkrams mitnehmen und hier verschenken?
Macht Bernd ja in der Regel nicht, da Bernd im Schnitt ein Arschloch ist, aber wer bereit ist alles zu geben für Japan und noch Ehre verspürt, nur zu.

Auf dem Weg: in Tokyo, Akiabara, direkt am Eingang vom Bahnhof ist ein Burgerladen auf Straßenhöhe, gegenüber war ein 4 Etagen Sexshop - Empfehlenswert. (auch der Burgerladen)

PS an Drogenbernd: Verzichte, falls du nicht kannst fahr da nicht hin. Rauchen wird dort aber subventioniert - Beste Raucherlounges jemals. Aber bitte nicht im laufen rauchen.

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Wow, sollte ich wirklich mal zu dem Preis etwas finden dank dir, bring ich dir gerne einige Bonbons mit. :3 Wird aber aus beruflichen Gründen bei mir wohl eher auf 2017 oder 2018 rauslaufen. Aber Bernd hat Zeit.

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I went to Japan last September over the course of 3 weeks and it was a fantastic experience.
I just went with a friend, the idea of travelling with a group is counterproductive to me to say the least. So having a single friend to accompany me was all I needed.
In total the budget was close to 4000€ and if you scrape off the flight and the renting of a flat, we had between us 1100€ to spend during our staying.
Good thing the food was both cheap and tasty. Even in restaurants.
I visited Tôkyô, Kyôto, Ôsaka and Kishiwada.
In the following posts, you'll find pictures I took in each city.

1 - Tôkyô : Ikebukuro, On our first day of arrival, some shady guy with an umbrella wanted to find out if we were here for sex.

2 - Tôkyô : Akihabara/Akiba, Mandatory stop pit for the average manchild.
Sadly for us, we didn't find the time to visit Nakano Broadway, which happens to be the new official hangout.

3 - Tôkyô : Asakusa, cosy but packed. We spent a full afternoon strolling among the crowd just to admire the temple before reaching the river nearby.
Traditional articles but if somehow felt like a tourist trap.
It would be wiser to get your traditional pieces from Kyôto.

4 Tôkyô : Shibuya, interesting place to check out if you're a young urbanite living on the edge. Street art, fashionable cuties, expensive clothing or you could simply attend the local festival.

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1 - Kyôto : Ryoanji, magnificient temple housing a lake and a breathtaking garden.

2 - Kyôto : Kyomizudera, amazing perched up sited. The view from here is splendid as well. If you're adventurous enough, stroll along the path that go through the woods.

3 - Kyôto : Kurama, located on the outskirts of the city, this extremely cosy place features an onsen (hot spring). I urge you to visit it.

4 - Kyôto : Samegawa River, consider this spot your second home. Strolling alongside of it was so relaxing that I never relied on public transport to move around Kyôto.
All I needed was to count the number of bridges I had to pass before reaching my destination.

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1 - Ôsaka castle, highly informative place serves as a museum. Be sure to reach the top and enjoy the panoramic view.

2 to 4 - Ôsaka Museum of History/NHK Ôsaka, I was only interested in the museum personally.

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1 and 2 - Kishiwada : Cart-pulling festival, major event in which each part of town get to parade on a cart bearing their colours. From what I heard, injuries and destruction of public property may ensue.

3 - Details of a cart.

4 - Kishiwada castle, also serves as a museum.

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Im jealous. :3 I finally will go to Japan in one or two years myself. Noboy wanted to go with me, but I wanted at least one pal with me. Lucky for me, one of my best friends found some otaku GF that will go there too. Hes not into Japan at all but she will make him go there. And as a Bonus she can speak japanese pretty good, so i dont have to learn to much more then the Basics. I have nearly 2000€ now and in the coming years i will spare at least 1500-2000 more, so i guess i will have my fun there. :3

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You'll surely have an even more enjoyable stay if you escape typhoon season.
I had to deal with tremendous amount of warm rain so if you're not into vertical bathing it would be wise to not pick September.
Also, I hope things won't get too awkward for you considering you'll tag along a dating couple!

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Nah, my bro is a Little to old to have those first love romance Kind of relationship. Should be ok. I plan to go in February and/or march. Should be a good time.

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Japan is hot and disgusting in the summer

Spring/Fall/Winter are much better

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I will be in Tokyo/Japan between the 12th and 17th of November. I don't have any accomodation yet and I am thinking about booking a room via Airbnb as Hotels are quite expensive.

I haven't stayed in a Hostel since 8 years maybe as I like to have a private room/bathroom. I am not a "backpacker" and I am travelling with suitcases, thats why I would like to have a room where I can keep my stuff while I am outside during the day and maybe even for a night or so. How is this handled in Hostels nowadays, can I store my stuff safely somewhere? I am scared of my Rimowa luggage being stolen.

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There are lockers in train stations everywhere - you could put your big luggage there. But idk about hostels since we stayed in hotels only. So there might be lockers in hostels too.

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Laut Netz ist die Flugdauer ca. 11 Stunden. Da Stellt ich mir auch aus Kostengründen die Frage ob man auch Economy fliegen kann oder ob es auf dauer unangenehm werden kann? Thx (Alternative Premium Economy / Zahle für eine weitere Person)

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t. 1,80 Bernd

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wie sieht es mit Weitungsperspektiven für Arier aus?

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Schlecht. Asiatenschniepel sind eher überschaubar, die spürt Bernd kaum in seiner Boipunze.