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Bernd,i really want to travel to the USA,but not just for a holiday. I dont have much money,dont have a job and only an advanced technical certificate,or Fachhochschulreife. Whats the best way to get into the USA ?

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Marry American girl.

This really is the easiest/fastest way to get into USA.

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Great advice.

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Are you a qt trap?

Are you willing to take hormones and become one?

If you answered yes to either of those, I can make a proposition for you.

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Be a shitskin, sadly it is hard for Yuros to get here

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get a work and travel visum for canada.
they will start handing them out in january/february and let's be honest: canada is the better usa. you can stay in canada for up to one year and you will have an unrestricted working permit. so you can work, save some money and do some travel. it is really great. (concentrate on the west. there are hardly any jobs in eastern canada but it is very easy to get jobs in western canada)

t. bavarian in canada on a working holiday visa who is currently working in a hotel in the rocky mountains.

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>Are you a qt trap?

>Are you willing to take hormones and become one?

t. not OP

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do you have a bulletproof vest?

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Students can get a work and travel visa for 4 months.

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Well, if your English is spot on you could try teaching German for a school and get a work visa. Of course, the easiest way is to have children with / marry a citizen. The latter shouldn't be a problem here if you're tall and blonde with an accent.