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What city in China is best for a tall, young white guy in his mid-20s to sportfuck qt to model tier Chinese girls and get tons of lays each month?

I'm guessing it'd be one with hardly any foreigners, yet still has over 5-10 million people.

Any suggestions?

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I would imagine the Pearl River Delta area (Guangzhou + Hong Kong + Macau) would be best. That way you will be less likely to suffocate from all the toxic fumes in the air. It's also like China's version of Central Florida and Las Vegas combined, so lots of horny girls on vacation who are more likely to want random sex.

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Hello OP, been to China three times here. Avoid the typical places westerners visit like Shanghai or Beijing as you'd be just another tourist. I also visited Suzhou and Hangzhou, Suzhou was typical bland city, but since not alot of tourists you will get attention. However I would recommen Hangzhou as it is a very rich city where you can live comfortably and since it is the most popular tourist destination in China. In other words lots of people who never saw westerners will vacation there. Also not much westerners there.

Are you a bernd or keinbernd OP?

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Also if you wanna quantify your chances of success go to the great wall with a chinese tourist company, not one catering to westerners. Then you will come to the part of the wall for chinese tourists which while shittier will make you meet lots of people who never seen a white person before. They will be curious like african children. Prepare for in 30 minutes getting stopped 10 times mostly by grills but also happy kids and uncles saying:"Herro :^)@

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Also there are international students in Hangzhou.

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Is speaking Chinese a requirement for doing something like this.

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No, but some words do help.