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/trv/ 2962: Bernd is planning to get a 10-day-Interrail with his GF...

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Bernd is planning to get a 10-day-Interrail with his GF. Because I'm Swissbernd and she's a Germanbernadette, we can't cross those countries for free - and we don't even really want to.
Also, we are planning to leave all smart devices and all that shit behind - we'll get a throwaway prepaid phone each and just experience what we experience without always tapping on a fucking screen. Ok - we might take a camera, but that's about it.

My question to you now, Bernd:
Where to go specifically? We're not planning it out beforehand, we'll just go wherever we feel like - but, it would be nice to know a few places that would be nice.
Since we're both still students, it would be nice if it wasn't extremely expensive. We planned around 30€ each, each day, excluding the interrail pass. We'll probably most often sleep in trains anyways.
So Bernd, what do you think?

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Interrail is a tip top gud idea, if it's the 10 days within 22 days, even better. You can hit long distances on those days and do short train journeys on seperate tickets on other days, so you can end up travelling for longer. Any journey day involving less than 28€ in fare should be done on a normal price.

Where you want to go depends on what and how much you want to do. To get most bang for the buck regarding train fares you should stick to France, Benelux, Spain. If you want to be more adventurous go Balkan. How much distance you can cover depends on how much time you actually want to spend on trains.

30€ per day sounds doable, especially if you try to couchsurf/sleep on trains. If you choose to sleep on trains, don't forget the 7 p.m. rule, it will save you travel days.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

t. Interrail pro

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It seems like you're sort of cutting europe in two by excluding germany and switzerland