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/trv/ 3006: Harro Bernd :3 Has anyone been to Poland? I'm go...

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Harro Bernd :3

Has anyone been to Poland? I'm going to Warsaw in July and then gonna trek to Krakow after a few weeks.
So Bernd, places to go, people/things to see, [spoilers]prices for good hookers[/spoiler] etc.

Also, language barrier won't be too big of a deal will it?

zacsnider Avatar

I recall going to Warsaw as a kid and it was third world as fuck.

chatyrko Avatar

I've been to Poland twice for family visits. The zoo in Katowice was kinda cool back then, but that was in the 90ies and I was still a child.

I also got to see an abandoned swimming pool, which was cool.

cboller1 Avatar

You could say "I've been there". If you speak to young people you should be able to find someone with good English after couple of tries, and they will help you.

samihah Avatar

Willing to chill :DDD

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Oh also come to Lower Silesia. We could meet and I would show you around. But first post on /int/ then.

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