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melvindidit Avatar

Okay guys, I'm planning on flying into Kracow and then getting a Eurorail pass to go to Germany and Netherlands. I plan on visiting at least one major city in each country, but could you gibe help as to some other places.

-I'll be alone
-I'll have a few thousand USD (2-4k available)
-I'm more interested in sightseeing, but I'm not necessarily opposed to nightlife stuff (if there are any places that have some must-do events)
-Potentially interested in meeting with Bernd

bobwassermann Avatar

Also, I plan on being there for 1.5-2.5 weeks depending on a few things

mikaeljorhult Avatar

Berlin and Amsterdam obviously

if you like architecture, try Görlitz

if you like beaches, go to Baltic Sea (Bad Doberan or something), not North Sea

if you need top save money, bring a sleeping bag and a camping matress (air cushioned, pic related), so you can save some money and go to a hostel only every other night to get a shower

kriegs Avatar

Amsterdam is way too fucking tourist. Lovely architecture, but I'd recommend to just get drugs, have a quick look at the redlight district so you can check it off, maybe see a museum, enjoy the Grachten right quick and then move on to a different part of NL.

1markiz Avatar

Well which part of the NL would you recommend?

wiljanslofstra Avatar

Being tourist doesn´t mean automatically being bad?
Bruegge e.g. is motherfucking tourist, but it's beautiful (in Belgium though).

sava2500 Avatar

In Amsterdam it's just too much for me, there's a hectic vibe all over. Can't relax there. I think other cities manage to blend the mix of tourists and locals better.

sunshinedgirl Avatar

When do you plan to go?
Interested in meeting with Bernd too.

curiousonaut Avatar

2,5 weeks max? Ridiculously short. Can work out only if you do quite a lot of Research (what to visit, background reading, opening hours) in advance. But you'll hardly enter into the spirit of a place. Anyway: You interested in art, history, architecture? Try Kracow, Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Bremen, Delft, Den Haag (only bcs of Mauritshuis), Rotterdam, Antwerp (main art museum closed for renovation however). Agree with Bernd about Amsterdam: it's rather nasty, but Rijksmuseum holds treasures. Which season do you want to go?

ggavrilo Avatar

You're an experienced traveller, aren't you?
So, could u advise me:
I am going to visit Amsterdam (because of a cheap flight) and some other cities around it. I have only 9-10 days.
I think of Aachen, Antwerpen, Gent, Bruges, maybe, Utrecht and The Hague (i want to choose 3 ones, 1-2 days a city).
Which of them are the best?

evandrix Avatar

Best? Obviously depends upon what you're interested in. Specify, and Bernd will try to answer.

adewaleolaore Avatar

Good architecture
Nature (if there are smth to see, at least sea)
Bars and food, as cheap as possible
Museums, exhibitions, especially paintings
I'm not interesed in nightlife.

And to my mind the main factor is the spirit or atmosphere of the city, it cannot be described by words.

polarity Avatar


Skip Bruges (or go there for half a day max): Apart from the city being massively crowded by tourists everything is heavily expensive there.

Aachen: Not much to see there apart from the Palatine chapel of Charlemagne. But perhaps inexpensive Bars bcs of many students there?

Antwerp: A very nice old city centre. Vibrant atmosphere. Many interesting museums. Don't omit the Red Star line museum, it's really interesting and nice. Much more so than the MAS. And don't omit St. Carolus Borromeuskerk - I unexpectedly spent about three hours there, just because it was so interesting.

Rotterdam (yes, Rotterdam, go there!): Quite a heap of highly spectacular modern architecture. Impressive harbour and riverside. Nice atmosphere throughout. Interesting museums, don't omit the Maritiem Museum. Cheap food possible, but you really have to hunt for it.

Gent: Nice atmosphere. Many students, so many not so expensive restaurants and bars (however, prices for going out for food and drink are high in Belgium and the Netherlands, so even Gent, though cheapest, will probably still look exorbitant to you). Not very much in specific sights, but the overall picture is quite something. Besides the Ghent Altarpiece really blows you away, even in spite of throngs of japanese tourists.

Den Haag: Only good for Mauritshuis (but that has spectacular paintings).

Utrecht: No idea, haven't been there.

Apart from Rotterdam I'd like to add Delft to your list: Very idyllic historical center. And if you spend at least some hours in the Prinsenhof museum plus Oranje tomb in the church across the street you have a chance to understand quite a lot about the Netherlands, Belgium, (Counter-)Reformation etc.

Nature and walking: No idea, I've been by bike. Ok, seriously: North Belgium and the southern netherlands are in large parts quite crowded. Not much nature left there, it almost feels like you're hopping from one city to the next (and the suburbs in between rather meh). Perhaps think about a few days in Zeeland including Deltawerken or, if you can't keep away from Bruges, add Zeebrugge to your list.

kazukichi_0914 Avatar

Thanks a lot, Bernd! I will think thoroughly about each of the city listed. I attach this photo of cute little badgers to express how grateful I am.

sava2500 Avatar

Other Bernd hier: Aachen Cathedral looks lovely during the night hours imo, especially with a full(ish) moon.

I'd also recommend to try Belgian beer, they have pretty funky stuff going on with their pivo especially with fruit blends. Some is quite good, some is rather not that good but that depends on subjective taste obviously. Personally I enjoyed rapsberry and cherry.

Since you're in NL I'd recommend to visit the north sea and take a walk in the dunes. I suppose a village or small town is better for this than a city.

Also try the Dutch cheese, it's great! Vla is interesting too (it's an instant pudding sold in cartons like milk) and cheese croissants are also recommended.

Also get fries in either Belgium or NL. My favorite is speciale, it's with little onion pieces. But they also have a famous peanut sauce.

Shriiiiimp Avatar

Go to Den Haag.

syntetyc Avatar

Kraków has a really beautiful city center but there is not much to see in the rest of the city. You should definitely see the former kings castle Wavel and, if you are there for more then one day, the nearby Wieliczka salt mine, a huge underground network of over 300 km with many huge chambers and even a whole underground church, and I mean church and not some little chapel.

In Germany you should probably go to Berlin despite all the hipsters, but I haven't been there too often myself and cannot recommend anything.

If you like old European towns you may want to see Bamberg. In this area of Germany (Franken) they also have by far the best and the most kinds of beer. You might also want to go to Nuremberg, the biggest city nearby, lots of interesting historical stuff including a medieval tunnel network under the city (yes, I like these things) and many good restaurants and beer cellars.

Don't go to Cologne. The cathedral is nice but overrated, the local beer is bland, and overall it's an ugly shithole, Britfags did their job well there in 1942 :(

Düsseldorf is a nice city for a short stop on the way to Belgium / Netherland. Pretty old town, many good pubs and a nice malty local beer (Altbier); I personally recommend Kürzer, Bolten, Füchschen and Schlösser.

chris_frees Avatar

For Germany I would recommend Berlin first (note: it's not very "typically German") and something in the South or Southwest second. I can't really recommend a specific place in the Southwest, though. IMO if you'se seen Berlin you don't need to see another major German city they are less interesting kek so you might as well visit a touristic nice small place in Bavaria or the Black Forest or something.