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So I want to make a 2-3 week holiday with a friend in the summer. I was playing with the idea to fly to Mallorca. How do I manage to stay away from

a) britfags
b) german Unterschicht
c) still have a decent beach
d) rent an appartment instead of staying at a hotel?

Pics mostly unrelated.

alek_djuric Avatar

I'd recommend to visit the "mountains" (don't expect the Alps obviously) for a day or two. I liked that as a child. Dunno what place to sta at to avoid Ballermann, sorry.

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Bergschuchtelei ins Gas/Mountaingfagottery inzu the gas! I was looking for water, beach and a favorable weather. So it seems I will wait here till someone delivers what I'm looking for.

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For starters you obviously have to stay away from Ballermann. You will indeed want to pick some place where there is less german/british unterschicht/underlayer. This is where I cannot help you, since I don't have any intimate knowledge about the isle. Someone able to help the lad?

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AirBnB (=Kraft durch Freude) for Endsieg. You should be able to find a cosy apartment there.

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sis denglisch

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Also remember visiting/staying in Magaluf, nice cozy place, maybe too ecolohippie-style, but worth it.

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Hey Bernd, it's really easy.

Most important thing is to rent a car for your entire stay. Second most important thing is to avoid the city of Palma and the surroundings altogether. (Arenal, Magaluf, etc.). You also have to avoid Cala Ratjada (important!)

Stay on the coast somewehre east of Manacor, for example. I'd recommend a bit out of Porto Christo, it's a bit posh and there is nice beaches along cliffs. Some British people though, but mostly families staying in the club hotels (and never leaving them).

Get a decent travel guide and do day trips. You could drive to the mountains in the west, there is incredible roads and beaches there. Go in the afternoon to avoid the masses (and having to share a 4m-wide mountain road with a 3m-wide bus). Port de sa calobra is a must-see, make sure to go past the village to that little tucked away beach through the tunnnels. I repeat, go in the afternoon to avoid the coaches from Palma.

Also the islands northern end, cap de formentor would be a suggestion. Badia di Pollenca close to it also has some nice beaches ( and really ugly ones, be careful).

Get some Restaurant recommendations and try the local food, you can find great stuff.

As someone else advised, AirBnB would be an option to find a place.

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I personally like Alcudia and the area round it alot. But then again, I'm half Mallorquin and my father lives in Can Picafort.

There are quite a few tourists, but there are very nice areas as wel. If you wander just a bit along the coast you can find a park and lonely beaches even though the hotels are not far away. Also, don't forget to visit the parque natural close to Can picafort.

I do like Puerto Pollenca and Pollenca alot as well.

Even though it's in the hills, Valdemossa is beautiful! But it surely is full of tourists all the time because of the that.

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you should visit mallorca either in spring or fall, summer is unbearably hot.

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britfags in Magaluf are super fun though.

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Why to you go the Unterschichtsammelplatz to do the same as the Unterschicht, yet somehow hope to avoid them?

Why not try some of the lesser known beaches of mainland Spain?