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/trv/ 3260: 4-5 Weeks , 1500-2000 Euro Budget. Where should I go...

stuartlcrawford Avatar

4-5 Weeks , 1500-2000 Euro Budget.

Where should I go? I want to travel alone and I do like backpacking, but I don't like hiking that much, going by car/motorbike would also be nice.

Can be Europe, however I'd really like to see some other continents.
What can you recommend except for Indochine?
I'm fluent with English & German, but no other languages. Please, no party backpacker destinations like Goa, I'd rather travel around than stay weeks in one place.

Can someone reccomend Latin America or is it unbearable for people not speaking spanish?

macxim Avatar

Right now? Norway, Nordkap.

kuldarkalvik Avatar

Den Haag, Best City ever.

cat_audi Avatar

Why that? I just went there and found it not to be very overwhelming.

Though the harbour / beach area is nice.

bluesix Avatar


OP here, been to Nordkap once, it's utterly boring. Extremely vast and unspektakulär Part of skandinavia

vj_demien Avatar


>>3262 here, but the 10000km up and down are great (you are not staying in the Nordkap for 4 weeks).

But since you obviously have been there - maybe Iceland? Rent a car, surround the island? Could be a bit pricey though, no idea what they charge per week. Or the same per Canada (which I will do next year).

joshjoshmatson Avatar


Norway is beautiful up to Tromsø, up north you still have more than 1000k left of now very boring tundra just to reach a point which has a tourist infrastructure, but is not even the geographical most northern land of europe.
nordkap is same typical scam as Stonehenge in UK.
Pay to go there and take some time and the rewrd is pretty cheap.

iceland sounds fun though, however prices are high if can not camp outside. Would go for 4x4, but even the cheap Suzukis cost 800 a week. Including flight its already 1200 excluding food and acommodation. However will think about it. Most adventurous in northern europe.

did someone here hike the Balkan or Carpathia?
What about Armenia, is it worth a trip?

mj_berthelsen Avatar

Stonehenge is kinda cool to see though.

pakhandrin Avatar

There was that Austrian Bernd who did Turkey, Iran and then North, iirc Armenia was possible a couple of years ago.

nehemiasec Avatar

Eastern Europe

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I travelled to the north of argentina/south of bolivia for 3 weeks for less than 400 Euros. Met a couple of germans there too. You'll be a bit overcharged obviously, but even then it'll be really cheap. Your best option is to travel with some local travellers and let them do the talking.

Argentina - Bolivia - Peru is a kickass trip to do in 5 weeks. Just check where you're heading so you don't end up in a "ghetto" in Bolivia. Oh, and you should travel there on January/February so you don't freeze to death and get to meet cute hippie chicks

Pic related: Iruya, north of Argentina. It's so fucking high, clouds go through you.

joshkennedy Avatar

Morocco. If you want some fun, start in the northern tourist part of the country and backpack south through western sahara.

If you have the energy to cross into the rebel held section (they're not going to kidnap you), you can head even further south into Mauritania and ride the iron ore railways for free.

mhwelander Avatar

Central Asia, for the shoestring budget, Balkan if you want to stay closer to home, Southern Africa if you are into wilderness.

_kkga Avatar

> ride the iron ore railways for free

as you did?

Hm, Morocco in Spring looks nice, but I'm not a friend of sunni islamic countries.


Sounds intredasting? Will I get far without Russian? How do I travel there? I like to go by rental.
Which of the -stans can you recommend?

macxim Avatar

They mostly speak shitty french. Keep to the civilised areas and try to keep a beard and you'll be fine. Great food, scenery, people.

illyzoren Avatar

>Will I get far without Russian?
Even Georgia and Armenia were a pain without Russian in most parts so I highly doubt it is better on the other side of the sea.

samscouto Avatar

Bernd with the same problem/opportunity here.
I would really appreciate some more ideas. Right now I'm considering going to Scandinavia. Is it cheap to get around there by busses?

albertodebo Avatar


It is okay. But it is not very entertaining. Scandinavia really offers enjoyable roads. Everyone should once in his life drive norwegian coastal roads and the Trollstigen.

Sweden...there is not much too see.