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Hello Bernd,

I'm planning to further my Russian skills and interest in Slavlands and make a trip to either Belarus or Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine (Odessa). Not including the flight, I am looking to pay between 500-750USD. Is this possible for a month?

What is to be seen there? In your opinion, what is a better choice? All opinions are welcome.

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Odessa is a very dirty Run-down harbor city. Not very much to see there, it is a workers city and also Europe's HIV capital city. I was disgusted by the city, very boring and people not very welcoming. Go to Kiev, it is nice, has lots of places and people speak russian anyway. Belarus, I dont know, never been there.

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Hmm, thanks. Should I go to Odessa for a short amount of time, or skip it altogether?

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Skip it. Rather go to Lvyv

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see for yourself

I think Odessa is the prettiest city in Ukraine

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Well, Odessa is probably the most beautiful city in Ukraine. Tons of interesting things to see. What exactly are you interested in?

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Odessa may be a good choice, but it's not the prettiest city of Ukraine. It's good, but there're lots of disadvantages too. There's very dirty, especially by the sea and somewhere at the city center, unfortunately (one more post about it on the top)
Kyiv is the most beautiful one (!), and Lviv, Chernivtsy and some others are very interesting ones too.
see this
What about money - there are all very cheap, 500-750 usd will be enough for a month if you choose to live in not expensive place and don't go very often in good restaurants.

P.S. travelled a lot in Ukraine, I know what i'm saying

Pic is my photo from Kyiv. Ready to answer ur questions

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I'm interested mainly in improving my Russian, so being in places where I can meet Russian-speakers would be best. Also nature, especially the sea.

Thanks for the info.

What is the city center in Odessa like? Can you compare it to another slavic city?
Would I be able to take a train from Kiev/Odessa and go towards Russia? I don't want to be disrupted by the conflict in the east.

Do you recommend any particular museums? I'm really into 20th Europe.

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The cite center of Odessa is rich in good architecture, but in a bad condition and very dirty.
There are both trains and buses between Odessa, Kiev and Russia, buses are cheaper but trains are more comfortable and easier to buy online. It takes ~8 h to get from Odessa to Kiev and ~10-12 hours from Kiev to Moscow. There are airplanes too.
A good pics of Odessa are where stated Bernd >>3434 (there is English version of the site too)
If compared with other Russian and Ukrainian cities, Odessa is more like St. Petersburg, but with southern charachter (in terms of architecture) The city's atmosphere is unique, imho.
Sumin' it up, I'd recommend to visit Odessa only if you plan a long and detailed trip, but not as primary destination. Odessa-Kiev-Moscow-St.Petersburg and smth else, at least. Otherwise go right to Kiev or Moscow.
Haven't been in museums of Odessa, but there are good art galleries in Kiev, and different historical stuff.