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/trv/ 3426: Uni in Germany?

yesmeck Avatar

listen guys, just tell me is going to germany for UNI a viable option? Ppl, say its really hard and you wont get much opportunities... It's either the UK or Germany for me now...

solid_color Avatar

I suppose the most important thing to consider is that you need to speak German at B2 level at least. Else you won't be able to enroll in 99% of all majors. Apart from that, I don't know much.

nateschulte Avatar

>UK or Germany
Germany is the land of Beer and Wurst, go there.

lanceguyatt Avatar

But UK is the land of bangers and mash, go there!

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Well as far as I know there are plenty of Poles in the UK but there are also plenty of Poles in Germany...

Plus side for coming to Germany: If you came here you could fuck polish girls at the whorehouse :DD

ayalacw Avatar

Its allways the same. You just need to memorize a shitton of stuff, so if you lack the social life like all bernds, then i would say its not a problem. But >>3427 is right there, you need to know proper german to read all the books or at least listen to the guys in the lectures. What you study isnt so important from the point of difficulty if you have interest for the matter.

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I have no idea where you study, but there are tons of international studys.