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/trv/ 3643: How safe are Marokko and/or South America (Cuba, Panama...

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How safe are Marokko and/or South America (Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia) for traveling?

Also, how is smoking weed in those countries regulated? Do cops care?

ntfblog Avatar

Well, major cities in that part of the world have the highest recorded murder rates, so......................

sokaniwaal Avatar

You are an idiot.
I'll be visting Marrakesh in two weeks with my gf, looking forward to it.

kriegs Avatar

If you're worried about becoming a victim of a crime you should rather stay at home.

franciscoamk Avatar

Marocco seemed to be safe to me but offical numbers are against me. Just remember: Getting murdered is quite unlikely and getting robbed is not the end of the world.
Regarding weed: Police tries to screw over tourists for anything to get bakshish, so be carefull. When staying in rather down to earth accomondations at Rif, Atlas or in the South chances are quite high (ghnghn) that you can smoke some with your host on their property making it much safer.

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Gotta smoke dat kush XDDDD 430 Let me suck it

What pathetic human being do you have to be if you can't control your addiction even for a week or two. If you want to get stoned or drunk just stay at home.

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Nikaragua,Costa Rica sind sicher.Panama mit Abstrichen auch.Kuba ist besonders sicher.Lern vorher 500 Worte Spanisch .Saufen und Fucken ist angesagt.

cat_audi Avatar

Colombia can be risky.
You definitely need Spanish, the more the better, start learning now.

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Kann dir doch scheißegal du automatischer Hurensohn, ständig alles kommentieren kannst du auch auf Gesichtsbuch!

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Autistischer, nicht automatischer

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I returned from Ecuador three days ago. I highly recommend it, just apply common sense (at least in the big cities): only official taxis, use a taxi at night, don't flash your valuables everywhere, keep your bag on your lap on a bus, NEVER on the floor or upper luggage compartment..
I also met a lot of people coming from Colombia and they had the best time there.

I met a German couple which got robbed in Cuba and injured with a piece of glass.

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>>3703 Kuba kann sein.Schade.Ich meinte in>>3699 die Gefahr und Elend der Staaten Mexiko.Guatemala,El Salvador und Honduras wegen der Marras.Dieses organisierte Verbrechen haben die Latinos in US Gefaengnissen gelernt.

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Where did you go?

What do you think of the country?

marciotoledo Avatar

Not that much places actually.. Spent almost two weeks in Quito, then Latacunga, Quilotoa, Banos, Montanita. Would have loved to go to Cuenca.

I loved Ecuador and I would return anytime. My original goal was to climb Chimborazo but four weeks is pretty tight if you do other more touristy stuff. Next time.

Where do you live?

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Morocco is no problem with weed if you are not fully retarded. The cops are mostly chill as well. We bought 20g of the finest hash for almost nothing in Chefchauen. The farmer had trashbags full of hash and was a little disappointed that we didn't want to buy kilos.