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Hey Bernd,

I'm planning on making my second trip to Russia this coming January. I have a spending budget of about USD $3k for about one month, and would like to visit at least five major cities, Moscow and SPb needing to be two of them. Does that budget match what I want? What other cities should I visit? How bad will winter traveling be?

Also, if I have the time/resources I'd like to visit Minsk in BELARUS. If anyone could give me advice on this, that would be great.

Я могу говорить по-пусский немного. Будешь ехать в россию для улучать как я говорю ваш язык.

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/int/ ist da drüben

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Hi. 3000$ is enough. In Russia it is better to go in the middle of spring, because it is not as hot as summer and not as cold as winter. About the city can visit Volgograd.

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Its almost 200k rub its more then enough I guess.
If you don't decide spend money on fancy hotels.

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Lol. Remember. In Russian r if p and p is п

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lol, I should know better. Sorry you had to see this.

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lol, have not seen good weather in petersburg for a while, i wish here was hot.

>better to go in the middle of spring,
no its not, its still cold, a lot of dirt and everything kind of depressive.
middle/late summer best time to visit russia ( at least saint petersburg)

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> How bad will winter traveling be?
if you love winter, that it would be ok. But you should be ready for e.g. -25C weather and have such clothes
summer is better for travel to russia imho

> What other cities should I visit?
well, more or less touristic cities:

- Velikiy Novgorod, it is old, important city in Russian history, there is something interesting i guess I didn't visited it yet :( and situated just between SPb and Moscow

- Kazan, it is capital of Tatarstan, one of interesting cities, situated in European part of Russia

- Vladimir, also old and situated not far from Moscow

Major (largest) cities are Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Nizhniy Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Samara.
Volgograd, mentioned in thread, has giant "Motherland" statue

If you want something more exotic, you can travel to Caucasus region, e.g. Sochi or Derbent (2000 year old town)

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