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/trv/ 3752: I am planning on visiting Hamburg and the surroundings ...

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I am planning on visiting Hamburg and the surroundings in August. Any recommendations on what to see and what to avoid are welcome.
Are there any dangerous places for tourists?

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I live in Lower Saxony and normally hating big Citys. But Hamburg is very nice tbh. You should probably visit the Fish Market in the morning. And dont miss the Reeperbahn of course. Its a nice place full of cozy bars and Clubs. Hookers too of course, but its nice to visit even without them. And besides the drunk People and evil hookers that are steal your Moneys, the Hamburg Citizens are pretty Kind People. So Reeperbahn is not very dangerous. There are Policemen on each Corner anyway.

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Reeperbahn is not very dangerous. There are Policemen on each Corner

>not very dangerous
>Policemen on each Corner


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Hamburg ist ein gefährlicher Ort ( Feinwerktechnik , Kanackenabwehrspray und Brechstange mitbringen .

Bereich Pauli und Schanze , kanacken und zecken . in den Vororten / M[llmenschen

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Miniaturwunderland is famous if you like model railroads. You should also check out the harbour (there are boats that belong to the public transportation so they are not expensive).
If you are into arts you can visit the Kunsthalle.

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Hamburg Bernd here.

- the harbor (both commercial and the container area)
- Hafencity
- Elbphilharmonie
- Speicherstadt
- Fischmarkt
- there are several old churches if you like that stuff
- Rathaus (city hall)
- Mönckebergstraße (main shopping street)
- Hagenbeks Zoo
- Planetarium
- Planten un Blomen park
- Hamburger Dom
- Reeperbahn

The harbor at night is really quite a sight. There are several hotel bars in high places you can sit and drink and see most of it. I recommend Tower bar at Landungsbrücken, but you might have to book because it's very popular:

There's a lot more stuff like museums, but it depends what you're interested in.

Here's a Google map with most of that:

More info here:

Bad areas are side streets of the Reeperbahn at night, the area north of Hauptbahnhof and MANY parts south of the Elbe, but the main sights are in the northern part anyway.

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Just noticed this post is a year old... whatever.

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Places to avoid:

Everything else is kinda tolerable. The amount of graffiti in the city is troubling, Altona/Ottensen is terrible in that regard. But the places I mentioned are the worst. Don't listen to the "Oh that's just the Kiez-Charm" idiots, avoid these places.