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Bernd, schnell!
Ich bin bald in Dublin und Belfast. Jeweils nur einen Tag.
Was sollte ich gesehen haben? Wollte in Dublin zur Guinessbrauerei und sonst noch ein paar Whiskys einsacken. Hat Bernd noch ein paar schnelle Tipps auf Lager?

malgordon Avatar

Achja: Tipps für Whisky sind natürlich gern gesehen. Auch für sonstige Getränke, speziell auch Bier.

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I don't speak German but I am from Belfast and I would not recommend coming here because there's little/nothing to do as a tourist. I think you will be disappointed unless you have low expectations.

Dublin however is decent and you will likely enjoy it. I'm seeing alcohol related words in your post, yes Dublin will meet these needs. The Temple Bar area is good for a while but it's a tourist trap. Less touristy places include O'Donoghues and Doheny&Nesbitt near St Stephen's Green (which usually have a good atmosphere), the brazen head is decent and lively too. But either way you WILL find cosy pubs if you walk around the south side of the river Liffey, I can't list them all. And yes for whatever reason the Guinness does taste better in Dublin.

Hopefully you can read what I'm writing. Again Belfast is mediocre (we have some good pubs to be fair)

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t. tourist from /int/

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Destille besuchen!