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Hi everybody.
I have recently moved to Germany and interested in seeing it from "another point of view". In my home contry I use to do some kind of urban exploration. What are good places in Germany which can be interesting for me? Or where can I find this information? (Some abandoned buildings, artificial underground, roofs and so on

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>abandoned buildings, artificial underground, roofs
2 russian 4 me

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As far as I know urban exploration is spread in Europe and America. What is going on in Russia it is hard to call so.

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Old Olympic Subway Station Munich

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Thanks. I'll google for details.

And maybe there is any forum, or something like that, where such questions are discussed?

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if you want abandond buildings you won't be that lucky in Bavaria. Please stop saying you're in Germany if you are in Bavaria. It is disrespectful to my people.

There are some old abandoned Army bases in Hessia. Google it.

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Wheere is that screenshot from?

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I think you won't do too well in Bavaria, but there is heaps of stuff in the former East of Germany. Every village has some kind of abandonded factory yard pretty much. A nice starting point right now is Vogelsang near Berlin I'd say. it's an abandonded former Soviet army site/ghost town and easily accessible