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/trv/ 3862: How's Braunschweig/Brunswick?

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Hey, i'm posting this as an American who is likely going to study abroad at TU Braunschweig in the spring of 2018. What's it like there? From what I can tell it looks pretty nice, but I'm just curious about it since the internet won't tell me everything. Thanks! Pic unrelated.

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It's better than Hanover fwiw.

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Why Braunschweig of all places? Not bad per se, but tiny...

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Its britty noice hier

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don't do it

Braunschweig is one of the worst cities of Germany.

Really. It's sad, trist, boring, empty, evil.

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1:30 hrs to Berlin
2:00 hrs to Hamburg
0:30 hrs to Hanover
0:45 hrs to Magdeburg
1:15 hrs to Kassel
2:45 hrs to Frankfurt
2:00 hrs to Leipzig
3:15 hrs to Cologne

Braunschweig is practically in the center of the Northern half of Germany, so you can easily reach a lot of towns by train at a reasonable price.

I've never been to the Braunschweig itself and you don't hear much of it either. Suppose you'll have an okay time there. :3

Tell me when if you drop by in Berlin.

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It's so average that it has been used as a test market by various companies for new consumer goods in the past.

It has a fair mix of bankers (VW financial branch and the state owned Nord-LB), industrial workers and university students (TU and the smaller FH), but is not dominated by one of these groups as other cities.

Dialect is pretty close to standard German.

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if you enjoy drinking wolters-beer all day, wearing blue and yellow btsv-jerseys and the occasioanl racial slur, you'll like it there.

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not a good uni. not good in anything. keep away from their department of zoology. trust me.

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