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fatihturan Avatar

I'm going to be in Okinawa in the last week of April for 5 days and I already got a place in Naha to stay.
Did any Bernd ever go to Okinawa and has a few suggestions for me?
I love good food and drinks and want to visit some nice beaches and some of the near remote islands.

danro Avatar

Hi Bernd, i visited Okinawa in September 2014
there aren't any good beaches near Naha as far as i know. I'd recommend Kerama-Islands (especially Zamami) it can be reached by ferry (you have to book a ticket in advance) takes about 2 hours? from Naha Port to Zamami.
From Naha you could also take a bus to "okinawa world" which as a nice cave

terryxlife Avatar

>there aren't any good beaches near Naha as far as i know.
I read that too. Naha will probably only be for my nightlife. Can you recommend any food or drink parlours?
>I'd recommend Kerama-Islands (especially Zamami)
These were on my list. Kerama Islands, Toriaki, Kumejima and Aguni. I wanted to at least visited two of these islands.
>okinawa world
That sounds interesting, do you know anything interesting in the near of that place to go to? When I'm allready down there I could use that. :3

tjisousa Avatar

i don't remember names of the bars/restaurants we visited, except "rehab" which is one of these typical gaijin-bars. most bars and restaurants are along kokusai-dori (the busiest street in naha). but i recommend grilled fish, taco rice and the local orion beer, and blue seal ice cream. there are several blue seal shos in naha. other popular dishes are "rafute" or things containing goya. but i don't like these.

if you plan to visit kerama islands i'd stay at least 1 night there. it's difficult to to that as a day trip. if you're on zamami-island, you could do snorkeling, which was my favorite experience of the whole okinawa trip. there is a snorkeling equipment rental shop at furuzamami beach.

i haven't visited any other place near okinawa world, but i could be prblematic to find a bus
is shuri castle on your list?

melvindidit Avatar

>"rehab" which is one of these typical gaijin-bars.
Okay, that's probably a place I don't want to visit.
But I will definitely try all the food you mentioned.

>there is a snorkeling equipment rental shop at furuzamami beach.
I will put this on my list.

>shuri castle
Yes, probably on the first day with Shikina-en, because that day I'm staying only in Naha and maybe around it.

Thank you so much!

krdesigndotit Avatar

if you like gardens, there is also fukushuen in central naha, which is a garden in traditional chinese style.

will the okinawa trip be a part of your holidays in japan or do you go to university/work in japan?

matt3224 Avatar

ahh thank you, that goes on the list too.

>will the okinawa trip be a part of your holidays in japan or do you go to university/work in japan?

I'm going to be 3 weeks in Changwon and take a cheap flight from Busan to Naha because I always wanted to visit Okinawa.

necodymiconer Avatar

Germany to Okinawa????
soooooo long distance.

nateschulte Avatar

Well, like I said, I'm going to be in Changwon.
So it won't be so far.

and now give me some advices for Okinawa! :3

iqbalperkasa Avatar

Okinawa! Good taste. I went togetherwith a friend there in oktober 2015. great holiday!

The northern part is beautiful and I recommend trying out one of the beaches to swim together with some tropical fishes. I really liked that. Also went scuba diving for my first time ever. There is a turtle nest near kerama island.

I liked the aquarium, too. We stayed at a air bnb accomodation, which was well suited for our car trips, relatively cheap but really huge in comparison to anything I've ever lived in in Japan. We had a whole house for ourselves, which was really nice.

Try goya, I found it to be very tasty. (even though it's a tiny bit bitter) And if you're into that, give the american village a try. But when you're in Naha on the main touristic street, try not to run into that german guy who runs a cocktail bar there. Gosh that guy was creepy!

Also, they have a cute cat cafe in the south, which was really relaxing.

But yeah, try some hiking in the north, for example to that waterfall (forgot the name but should be easy to find), visit beaches , eat a lot and enjoy a laidback time!

uxdiogenes Avatar

Spaßfakt, wir sind zufällig mit dem Pokemonflugzeug von ANA hingeflogen. Btw. gibt es supergünstige ilandsfüge nach Okinawa, googel mal nach "be okinawa".

Danke, jede bin ich hart am nostalgieren....

davidsasda Avatar

Hallo, ich bin der Bernd der als erstes geantwortet hat. Wenn man nur 5 Tage dort ist und auch noch auf die Nachbarinseln will, wird es nicht schwierig dann auch noch den Norden der Hauptinsel zu sehen? Da gibts natürlich viel Interessantes (Churaumi-Aquarium etc.)

keyuri85 Avatar

tatsächlich geht bei den Reisen zu den Nachbarinseln echt schon viel zeit drauf. Wir waren glaube ich 10 Tage dort oder so. Da hat für die Hauptinsel dicke gereicht.

Aber 5 Tage ist indeed knapp, da wird man sich entscheiden müssen.

michaelkoper Avatar

Ja, ich denke auch, ich hab es auch nicht in den Norden der Insel geschafft, aber ich will auf jeden Fall noch mal dorthin, und auch nach Ishigaki, Iriomote etc.
OP pfostiere mal ein paar Bilder wenn du da bist :3

ripplemdk Avatar

Going to Okinawa in a week.
Thanks for all the suggestions.
I made a rough plan now:
First day will be around Naha (Parks/Castles) and Okinawa World.
Second day will be Akajima.
Third day I will go a little bit into the north, around Okinawa City, I am going to a department store and maybe American Town. I have to buy some stuff I can only get there.
Fourth day will be Zamami or Tokashiki island.
Fifth day is only in the morning a bit i Naha and then back.
The evenings/nights I spent in various bars and restaurants I already picked in Naha.

Thanks guys, I will post a few pictures when I'm back!

kylefrost Avatar

viel Spaß Bernd