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/trv/ 3962: Ireland + Great Britain

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Hello Bernd,

I plan on travelling the british islands in summer with another person.
Schedule is 14 days, not more possible.
I don't want to go with some tight program with one station each day, but prefer going my own pace.
Now the thing is, I don't really know where to go.
Only thing that has already been decided is London, either as starting or end point.
We don't want to go all too touristic, I prefer not going too urban and my travelmate doesn't like wandering for too long. We thought of renting a car and using that, but the main factors right now in deciding what to do is
a) what is actually possible in 14 days? If we say two days per stage it can't be many stages, so I would like to have some nice stuff. I personally wouldn't mind visiting old celtic and roman stuff like Stonehenge and Hadrian's wall. We also thought about visiting a spooky castle. As for Ireland I have no idea at all. Dublin is probably a given, but else?
b) where to stay at night - booking some place will require staying on schedule, but I don't think it's wise to expect that we will always find a place

Price for one of those guided tours is about 2k €, which is the maximum I am willing to spend.

So my question is, can anybody give any advice, either from a local point of view or because they have done such a journey themselves?

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Plan a couple of days for London, there's loads to do. Stonehenge is a day trip from there, as is Oxford/Cambridge.

Then I'd either go to Ireland or Scotland, start from Dublin and go on a road trip along the coast.

>what is actually possible in 14 days?
Yeah that's plenty.

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Two weeks is a relatively lengthy amount of time. I don't knwo what there is to do in ireland. Renting a car for two weeks is quite a lot. Accomodation won't be cheap. There's a billion and one places to stay in most places so i wouldnt worry too much unless you're going peak times.

If you start in London you can spend a few days there, go across to Windsor castle n shiet (not a spooky castle, an estate), you can move across to Bath, Stonehenge and the Cotswolds (cosy), then head up north to Snowdonia maybe, Caernarfon castle in Wales. Then I'd recommend going back east to York via Chester, a few yorkshire pubs and abbeys. You can then go to Bamburgh, Lindisfarne and up to Edinburgh. Then I'd go up to the highlands, past Loch Lomond to around Fort William, just take in the emptiness, then back down to Prestwick to get a fligth to Ireland.

jst a possibility.

There's not a whole lot on the south coast bovington tank museum.

what are you interested in?

Stonehenge is p dull tbh. I'd recommend a few cathedrals.

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>As for Ireland I have no idea at all. Dublin is probably a given, but else?

try County Cork and County Kerry, good views but there's also some good historical stuff. The Dingle peninsula in Kerry is especially nice for that

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Bernd here spent some time in the UK this month. I really liked Wales and the Snowdonia National Park. I highly recommend you to do the Zipline (Zipworld Titan) in Snowdonia.

I also enjoyed Oxford and Cambridge. I wish I could study there for a few years.

Btw I was on the London Bridge and in Borough Market just 2hrs before the attack.