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A friend and myself are planning to visit California during the last week of July (Mainly Los Angeles and San Francisco).
What are the must do/seen things and other things I should know ?

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Frisco I only remember the Golden Gate Bridge, from the rest I was rather unimpressed and it was indeed fucking cold "The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent Was a Summer in San Francisco", but only stayed 3 days.

LA is a clusterfuck of cities
downtown LA sucked 20y ago, borderline dangerous at night, not sure how it is nowadays

Planetarium LA (Terminator view)
walk of fame, if you enjoy that kind of thing
Beverly Hills was nice walking around for a day
St. Monica Beach & Venice Beach were nice

if you can, drive Highway #1, that definitely is worth more than the cities

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Yeah, don't call it that. At least not when in Sanfran. They will most likely tell you to freckle off, at best, or call you a nazicuck at worst.

Can't tell you much about LA, other than the obvious stuff, take a bus tour, see where rich people live, take a tour of a movie/tv studio, really not that much to do in or around LA.

As for SF, obviously Fisherman's Wharf, but generally all the Piers, just take a BART and/or Cablecar to Embarcadero and you're good.
Walk around, explore, but stay close to the shore. ... else you might walk into some wrong place, wrong time, but above all wrong place kind of situation.

Now, California in general:

- California State Route 1, aka Pacific Coast Highway if you like renting a car and driving around "roadtrip" style. If that's your thing, you won't be disappointed.

- Lake Tahoe, if you're into nature and outdoors kind of stuff. Absolutely beautiful natere and outdoors... kind of stuff. Also: right at the Nevada border, in case you want to hop over and gamble in some Casino.

- Sacramento. Great city, the "old Sacramento" is worth a visit.

Bottom tl;dr line: if you're going to Cal, why limit yourself to LA and SFO? There is so much more to explore in that state. You could literally just Google "what to do in California" and there's a bazillion results.

Either way, have fun mates, but don't spend too much time in LA, it's just not.... ah you'll see when you get there.

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Monterey, Newport Beach, Venice, Big Sur...