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/trv/ 4091: my treda

motionthinks Avatar

that feel when airport, also drunk
i drank a bottle of wine in like 10 minutes, 10 minutes ago
boarding beginns ... time to get elsewhere

chrstnerode Avatar

welp, i hope there is wine on board
window seats for both my flights w/o asking fot it
dunno how long i haven't flown lufthansa

iamkarna Avatar

Have a nice trip :3

Chakintosh Avatar

thanks, will make semi shitty semi live updates until the morning as i will arrive at 1am and spend the rminder of the night in the airport. i hope i wont get allahuackbared.

husamyousf Avatar

That's nice but you're on /trv/ and hardly anyone will read it for the time being.

dwardt Avatar

rangeb8 on b and int for käsepizza so trv will have to do.

frankfurt now.

dwardt Avatar

got pretty drunk and slept in the airport for some hours. i guess ill take a train to the city soon.

oanacr Avatar

where are you now?

iamsteffen Avatar

casablanca airport again. not drunk but also evrn less sleep this time