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/trv/ 448: Is there a way to finance your travelling expenses...

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Is there a way to finance your travelling expenses while being on the move, travelling actually?

Guess no
Expeditions, development aid and so on all need people with skills and there are more people to apply than open spaces.
This really sucks.

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Teaching English, apparently.

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Also there's a nice thread about that on 4chan/trv/ atm:

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"Work and travel"?

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My plan is to become a German teacher, we have uni programs especially for teaching it abroad. It takes 2 years and after that you'll have good chances to find jobs all over the world, if you're not a complete assburger.
Other than that you might want to look into wwoofing or you become a freelance writer/programmer/journalist, but that doesn't sound too easy.

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working as a tutor, translator and tour guide at once can be a starvation-tier ordeal even if you are on a (near-)native level with both source and target lingo, bro.

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Ask in Hostels, you'll often get better rates if you help them out (cleaning, cooking, washing dishes etc.). Sometimes they have a black board with local short-term work offers.
Selling drugs and faking documents to live of glorious German welfare (Kindergeld, Bafög, Hartz IV)
Selling self-made stuff.
Street artists/musicians.

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