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/trv/ 498: IWO: Cuenca and Loja

vladarbatov Avatar

I've decided to post the IWOs I made about my city, Cuenca, while on KC, plus a bonus one of the city where I lived most of my life, Loja.

This part is called "El Barranco", and it's a ravine near one of the rivers.

mwarkentin Avatar

1, 2, and 4 are more of the zone from different angles. 3 is another river in the city.

kylefrost Avatar

And now a few shots from the the outskirts of the town.

vicivadeline Avatar

A few more shots of the outskirts before I move on.

zacsnider Avatar

Shown here are a few streets of the Historic Centre of Cuenca, an UNESCO Word Heritage site.

mfacchinello Avatar

And as I move through the streets, I get close to the Central Square, which used to be the center of government during the colony.

leelkennedy Avatar

Now we're seeing different parts of the central park. You can see a glimpse of the cathedral in a few of the pics.

areus Avatar

1) A pretty nice building, IMHO, used to be the city's courthouse.
2) Same building from a bit further away.
3) The Provincial government's building.
4) The Cathedral

woodydotmx Avatar

Now a few more shots of the central park and its surroundings, in # 3 and # 4 you can see the flower market that's open everyday.

strikewan Avatar

Now a bit of the Flower Market and moving away towards the Central Park again.

carlyson Avatar

Some of the building in the central square up close and the I moved on.

i3tef Avatar

That looks cozy as fuck and I'm saying that as someone from a well-preserved middle age town. Reminds me a bit of Malta, just without the sea and with more spanish.
I take it the crime rate is rather low? It somewhat looks like it. (Sorry that one of the first things I think of when hearing south america is crime rate)

millinet Avatar

That feel when no tropical andean territory to build cozy cities.

albertaugustin Avatar

Now I'm going towards the church of "San Alfonso", which apparently means "St Alphonsus" in English. You can see it in the first two pictures.
In the 3rd pic there is a nice building but I'm not sure what it's used for now, then I move right towards the market.

Yes, it's very cozy. And yes, crime is much lower in Cuenca than in the rest of the country, the two biggest cities usually get most of it.
Actually the weather in the city is temperate.

nateschulte Avatar

Now as I go towards the market I enter a more... popular area of town.

tmstrada Avatar

And here I am, very close to the market.

greenbes Avatar

1) Inside the market
2) Outside the market

vladarbatov Avatar

Now I'm moving away from the market towards a friend's house.

craigelimeliah Avatar

And I finally got to my friends house, you can see some very cancerous street vendors in some pics.

alek_djuric Avatar

The previous pics were taken last year, the ones I'm about to show were taken last month.
First one is a random street, next you can see the market I mentioned in my previous posts in full, last one is of the place called "El Barranco" that I mentioned earlier, taken from a car so not very good.

kennyadr Avatar

A few more shots of "El Barranco", the last pic is a secondary school called "Benigno Malo", the first secondary is school in he city.

kimcool Avatar

A few more of the Area, in 2 and 3 you can see an old bridge and some stairs that were used to cross the river, in the last one a newer bridge.

vickyshits Avatar

Now a few pictures of the historic centre from a car, again.

sava2500 Avatar

A few more parts of the historic centre.

mfacchinello Avatar

Nice IWO, OP. But they should plant something in the central area, even if it's only small bushes.

_kkga Avatar

I took some pictures of the central park again but of different buildings this time. One of those actually burnt a few weeks ago, you can see the police tape around it.
They should plant a few more things.

chaabane_wail Avatar

And now I'm going around a street near the central square.

davidsasda Avatar

You can see the building that had the fire in some of the shots, just look for the tape.

mbilalsiddique1 Avatar

Just around the block...

kriegs Avatar

This is the modern part of town. As you can see there's bricks everywhere.

tjisousa Avatar

CIty of polished bricks.

chatyrko Avatar

Cuenca at night.

fluidbrush Avatar

Oh wow blast from the past. The benefits of being a slow board I guess.

yassiryahya Avatar

Thanks for the additional pictures! :3

olgary Avatar

It looks cozy and beautiful as fuck.

Many thanks, OP.