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This summer I visited the United States with my family.

I have finally managed to sort out the really bad pics, and out of the original thousands, under 600 remain.

I have resized them, both to let me upload them faster and to not murder KC's servers.

If there are some particular photos you'd like to have in full size, do not hesitate to ask for them. Note that I will not post them before I'm done with the IWO.

Usually I provide some sort of commentary on every picture, but considering the sheer number of photographs I plan to post, I will only comment on some of them.

So, without further ado, let's get started.

These three are from Tegel, where we flew from.

saulihirvi Avatar

Just some more pics of the airport.

cat_audi Avatar

1. On the plane from Chicago to Las Vegas. It was possible to watch TV on the plane, but only if you paid. The seats had card swipe devices, so all you had to do was swipe your credit or debit card and you'd be good to watch your favourite horrible American sitcoms. Absolutely disgusting consumerism.
2. Faggot with a caps and beats headset.

orkuncaylar Avatar

I love bird's eye view.

greenbes Avatar

Desert rivers and lakes.

remiallegre Avatar

4. The very first thing that met us at the LV airport.

adammarsbar Avatar

Slot machines. Slot machines everywhere. It seems like fifty percent of Nevada's population is addicted to gambling.

aleclarsoniv Avatar

They're literally behind every corner.

ah_lice Avatar

1. A part of the lobby
2. The view from out room by night.
3&4. The pool.

FUCK it's warm in Vegas. Goddamn. How people can live in that desert beats me.

joshjoshmatson Avatar

1. Another pic of the lobby.
2, 3&4. Although we didn't stay there, we visited Luxor too, just to see how it was. Here are some pics.

And yes, they were taken with different cameras, which is why the file names are different.

buleswapnil Avatar

Some shots from Luxor's inside.

4. A limo right outside the entrance.

anjhero Avatar

Sweet, looks even better than what I imagined.

herrhaase Avatar

1. A giant car. Reminds me of a monster truck

2, 3 & 4. Excalibur. Another hotel right next door.

Oh, forgot to mention; The hotel we stayed at was Mandalay Bay.

otozk Avatar

1 & 2. More of the facades.
3. An obelisk
4. A makeshift statue of liberty

saarabpreet Avatar

Muh capitalism.

iamglimy Avatar

1. Probably the best bar/pub in the world. Nah, just kidding.
Since I'm under 21, I was denied entry. ;_;
2. More slot machines. I swear, these fuckers are everywhere.
3. Oh! Look!
4. Excalibur's entrance sign, or what you wanna call it.

motionthinks Avatar

2. That's Monte Carlo, I think.

polarity Avatar

That rollercoaster belongs to Excalibur, I believe.

jffgrdnr Avatar

Another view of the rollercoaster and some interesting statues.

samihah Avatar

1, 2 & 3. Muh diabetes
4. Probably the best picture I've ever seen. Describes the US perfectly, don't you think?

VinThomas Avatar

1 & 2. These things were Heaven on Earth in the Vegas heat.

polarity Avatar

1 & 2. A Harley Davidson café. Awesome.

joshhemsley Avatar

2-4. The inside of another hotel I think it was the Cosmopolitan.

_zm Avatar

Capitalism. Capitalism and consumerism everywhere.

joeymurdah Avatar

Last pics for now, but I'll come back later and continue.

sgaurav_baghel Avatar

View of the pool from our room.

mactopus Avatar

4. The garage.

bobwassermann Avatar

1. Another view of Luxor.
4. On our way to Arizona.

ajaxy_ru Avatar

A looong train.

robinlayfield Avatar

We finally arrived at the Grand Canyon!

puzik Avatar

It truly is beautiful.

alta1r Avatar

What hellish animal is that?

alagoon Avatar

A sort of deer, I guess.

bergmartin Avatar

1. Just look at that. It's so beautiful.
2. An eagle or falcon, I think.
3&4. That man is insane. Going that far out...

falvarad Avatar

Very nice I am impressed, i've been to both locations but its cool to see the pics and be reminded of them.

I'm just curious as to if this trip changed your view on America/the American people at all?

sava2500 Avatar

Well, it didn't change my view on the US as a country, it merely confirmed my prejudices.

However, it did change my view on American people. Sure, they were fat and all, but they were (with the exception of one street cop in California) extremely friendly and helpful.

So I could say that although I despise America, I like Americans.

I will also continue posting pics this afternoon.

iamglimy Avatar

Alright, I'm back! Good thing this board is so slow and threads don't 404 over night.

2. An infographic (?) that shows the different layers of stone in the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas.

velagapati Avatar

4. An adorable little kid :3

chanpory Avatar

3 & 4. On our way to Yosemite, we stopped to take some pics of dead and semi-dead trees.

georgedyjr Avatar

2. We also stopped at this outpost-like thing.

...and took some photos from there.

cat_audi Avatar

1. A fantastic souvenir in said outpost/tower. It must be made in Germany.
2. Just a view of the vast nothingness on our way to Yosemite.
3. Native Americans selling their fantastic craftwork.

coreyhaggard Avatar

2. Lake Powell lies between Utah and Arizona, so I'm not sure which state this was taken in. Anyway, either in ar about to enter Utah.

gretacastellana Avatar

We witnessed a seemingly large forest fire, but apparently it was so small that it wasn't even mentioned on the radio.

leonfedotov Avatar

1. I found this landscape incredibly beautiful.
2. This house too.
3. More forest fire.
4. The smoke almost blocked out the sun.

joki4 Avatar

2. Dead trees.
3 & 4. Driving though a small Utah town.

joemdesign Avatar

More of the town. Note the big road going through the middle of it despite being a tiny town, and the nice name of the bank in picture 2.
4. A kind of rollercoaster-road.

robinlayfield Avatar

More nothingness and mountains.

starburst1977 Avatar

2. More of the road.
3 & 4. More dead trees. I have the feeling that forest fires are rather common in the US. To be expected, I suppose.

adhiardana Avatar

At Mono Lake, right next to Yosemite.

thehacker Avatar

2, 3 & 4. Inside Yosemite. It is truly breathtaking.

superoutman Avatar

Just fantastic. And look at the cute bugger in the forth pic! :3

HenryHoffman Avatar

2. I can totally see this becoming a new reaction pic.

karlkanall Avatar

1. A cottage where there's lots of information about the park's past and present.
2, 3 & 4. Water with a natural content of carbon dioxide. Also called Soda water. It tasted.. metalish.

oanacr Avatar

3. My mother's fantastic parking job.

melvindidit Avatar

Look at the fantastic view. Damn, you should've been there. It's even more breathtaking in real life than in pictures.

ajaxy_ru Avatar

1. The visitor centre.
2. There were some fucking Amish people there! My little brother had to pose so it didn't look like we were taking pictures of them, because that would've just been rude.
3. An incredibly.. wrinkled tree.

Bernd Avatar

4. Am I not a fantastic photographer?

antonyryndya Avatar

1. My brother and little sister posing in front of a giant sequoia.
2. A fallen tree.
4. A photo of an old photo. These trees really get huge.

ryhanhassan Avatar

2. A somewhat successful attempt at using the panorama function.

ggavrilo Avatar

These were taken at the market square near our hotel.

joe_black Avatar

2 & 3. The city hall.
4. Some previous US flags

iamfelipesouza Avatar

2 & 3. The insanely steep streets of SF.
4. The inside of a cable car.

sava2500 Avatar

2. The cable car driver. Well, at least I tried to get a pic.
3. A boat-car. No, a car-boat. Or.. wait. Uh...
4. Musicians in Chinatown.

abdots Avatar

3. A bunch of tourists on segways.

iamkarna Avatar

These streets are absolutely insane.

meisso_jarno Avatar

1. Alcatraz.
2. Preparing for the 4th of July. It's really lame. Probably the lamest celebration of a national day I've ever witnessed.
3. A burnt tier.

hampusmalmberg Avatar

1. A park. California really seems tropical.
2. Oh boy. I don't think it's even possible to make it any more obvious that you're in San Francisco.
3. Golden Gate Bridge.

illyzoren Avatar

3. Parachuters!
4. The canning company's building in Monterey Bay. We stopped there to see the aquarium.

HenryHoffman Avatar

1. Isn't it adorable?
2. A sorta meet-and-greet for kids "meeting" fishes.
3 & 4. Penguins being fed.

terryxlife Avatar

3 & 4. Tourists getting to swim with the fishes.

ma_tiax Avatar

1, 2 & 3. Otters being fed.

arnel_lenteria Avatar

It was really difficult to get a good picture of this hammerhead.

alagoon Avatar

I love these birds. They are so cute! :3
4. Hahahaha so funny pun!

kamal_chaneman Avatar

1 & 2. Some pics from San Luis Obispo.
3. On our way to Los Angeles. This was a really scenic road.
4. Before we drove to LA, we wanted to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain (an amusement park). It was really, really good, but also very, very commercial, as you can see here. Everything had a superhero theme.

kuldarkalvik Avatar

These rollercoasters are insane.

samihah Avatar

1 & 2. Street drummers, I guess..? Or rather, amusement park drummers?
3. Typical American family
4. The things people do for money...

bouyghajden Avatar

3. Typical American kid.
4. Thank God for these. The heat in California is unbearable. Don't even get me started on Las Vegas or New York.

surajitkayal Avatar

4. Typical American woman.

lisakey1986 Avatar

1 & 2. Leaving the park. You can see that it's dusk already.
3 & 4. Beverly Hills.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

Inside Universal studios. We came back the day after too, and we took way more photos then.

cat_audi Avatar

These were taken inside probably the biggest sweets store in the world.

andrewofficer Avatar

Last pics for today. Sadly I've got other things to do than just post my holiday photographs on Krautchan.

Pretty much the only names on the Walk of Fame that matter much.

Okay, that's a lie, but you get my point.

robinlayfield Avatar

Damn that Yosemite park. North America indeed has the most beautiful nature.

buddhasource Avatar

Indeed. The US has an incredible biological diversity.

n1ght_coder Avatar

1) based purely on your sisters legs and arms i would have sex with her
2) nice photos
3) its obvious from your captions that you are incredibly biased and sarcastic against America, its too bad you couldn't set the prejudices aside before you came

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

1. Goddamnit. I thought censoring most of her body would keep you guys from perving over some pixels.
2. Thank you.
3. Lol what? Care to point out some examples?

nasirwd Avatar

1. California.
3. Long Beach..? I think.

jajodia_saket Avatar

We came back really, really early the next day, to spend it inside the Universal Studios park. It was almost empty.

ryhanhassan Avatar

1 & 2. This 3D ride was actually pretty well made.
4. Although the film Waterworld sucks, the accompanying show is actually pretty good.

saarabpreet Avatar

4. Taken on the bus tour around Universal Studios. These and the comings buildings are all props.

rohan30993 Avatar

1. A prop from King Kong, IIRC.
2. You can see the back of the "buildings" seen in the previous post.
3 & 4. Various vehicle props from films.

hota_v Avatar

I apologise for the bad pics. Things happened so fast, and I had to delete some other photos because the card was full.

georgedyjr Avatar

1 & 2. A man-made "flash flood".
3 & 4. More "catastrophes," this time in a subway station.

lisakey1986 Avatar

4. One of the places Jaws was filmed, I think. Or at least a similar film.

tusharvikky Avatar

2 & 3. I guess Michael Bay's films are made here too.
4. Don't remember which movie this is from.

dhooyenga Avatar

1 & 2. Yes, that's a real 747.
4. A very British band performing in a very British bus.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

3 & 4. Flying to Washington, DC.

jffgrdnr Avatar

1. This.. I... Why is this image on a funeral home??

herrhaase Avatar

Having such a beautiful little garden in the middle of the city... :3
4. The US Capitol.

polarity Avatar

2. I tried taking a panorama picture of it. As you can see, I failed horribly.

Shriiiiimp Avatar

3. Typical American police officer.

thehacker Avatar

1. Don't quite remember where this was taken. The background looks like a train station, but I could be wrong.
5. We all know what this is.

remiallegre Avatar

1 & 2. The Pentagon. It was not permitted to take any pictures on the out- nor inside, so all we got were these two shots.
4. Ministry of Agriculture, I think.

garand Avatar

1, 2 & 3. The White House.

chrstnerode Avatar

2. As you can see, all the pics were taken from behind an iron fence. Pictured is my sister.
That's it for Washington, sadly.
3 & 4. We stayed in New Jersey too. Although it really doesn't look like it, it was actually pleasantly warm, and the sun shone most of the time.

samihah Avatar

2. Oh! Look! It's one of those commercial-planes that you usually only see in cartoons.
3. Typical domestic American tourists.
4. Minigolf.

carlosgavina Avatar

The minute we left Ortley Beach, it started raining. Heavily.

3. Typical American biker.

karlkanall Avatar

2. The first view of New York.
3 & 4. Bronx, I think. Or maybe Brooklyn, don't remember.

raquelwilson Avatar

2, 3 $ 4. Broadway.

grrr_nl Avatar

4. War memorial.

cboller1 Avatar

There was maintenance work going on, so we couldn't visit the statue itself ;__;

scottgallant Avatar

2. Notice the old building that's been left alone, tiny in comparison,

grantrobinson Avatar

3. Elegant way of saving space.
4. A Swede, living in a very shabby part of town.

polarity Avatar

My sister really wanted to visit a bakery called "Carlo's Bake Shop," apparently known from a tv show she likes.

And frankly, I don't regret going there. The cakes are good.

ryandownie Avatar

We also visited the 9/11 memorial. Pictured is the "Freedom Tower".

sindresorhus Avatar

4. This museum had not yet been opened when we were there. ;_;

seanwashington Avatar

4. We visited the museum of American Indians. A school was there as well, as you can see.

kazukichi_0914 Avatar

So many victims in one.

kuldarkalvik Avatar

No comment.

buddhasource Avatar

Afro-Native Americans. Goddamn. The Cultural Marxism is strong within this museum.

madebyvadim Avatar

Posting from Germany now.
3 & 4. Explanation in next post.

mikaeljorhult Avatar

Native American languages and cultures. Actually quite interesting.

michigangraham Avatar

1, 2 & 3. Central Park. Didn't take very many pictures there.

alexradsby Avatar

1, 2 & 3. Some big church.
4. Don't quite remember what this place was..

bluesix Avatar

2. Another shot if Broadway.
3. Panorama shot of a typical NYC street.
4. We saw Cirque du Soleil while we were there. However it was obviously very dark during the show, so I have no alright pics of that, so here's there stage.

dhooyenga Avatar

The Empire State Building.

kennyadr Avatar

3 & 4. Inside Macy's near the ESB there were wooden escalators. These things must be really old.

suprb Avatar

...aaand this concludes this IWO. It has taken a long time to post everything, and I apologise for that. Anyway, thanks for reading/watching.

dmackerman Avatar

Is this the point auf trv? Posting atrocious photos of a common family vacation to destinations everyone and their mom has been to and can easily get to any time? The Empire State Building? WOW! I've never seen THAT shit before!
But I'am only asking. I could offer some really bad photos of the Eiffel Tower or the Collosseum... hell, I'll even add some fake cynical comments about them, if you'd like me to...

grafxiq Avatar

Do it then insteading of complaining about other people putting in their time and effort. Either that or just fuck right off. I've been to these places too but its a cool reminder

I enjoyed the pictures OP

anjhero Avatar

If you had looked through the thread, you would've seen how few pics I took of typical touristy things such as the Empire State Building and the US Capitol. Stop being such an idiotic asshole and shut up.

i3tef Avatar

The actual point is travel discussion, but the board is also what you make of it. So, don't whine and contribute instead, it's small enough that you can make a difference.

Also you're complaining on a pretty high level...

peterlandt Avatar

So long as he didn't complain like in real life when he was actually there, I don't mind him using KC as an outlet for his complaints however snarky they may be.

On one hand though, it was odd seeing him commenting on slot machines and fat people as a tourist in tourist locations. Seems kind of obvious.

carlosgavina Avatar

90% of the pictures you took were touristy shit. Vegas which is nothing but tourist shit, theme parks, the walk of fame, touristy parts of San Francisco, times square, the national mall, and the white house. There's nothing wrong with visiting tourist spots especially when on vacation with your family or your first time to a country, but don't delude yourself into thinking you didn't hit up exclusively tourist spots.

to_soham Avatar

I rather enjoyed the thread

otozk Avatar

Heh, funny how your pictures of vegas were the exact same I took when I was there.

Also, I tried walking somewhere in vegas, wouldn't recommend.

kennyadr Avatar

It's Santa Monica beach.