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sokaniwaal Avatar

I am thinking of doing interrail in the winter break, haven't decided on all the stops but I'm definitely doing Czechia, Netherlands and France.

My question is what cities should I consider and how do European girls feel about circumcised penis?

fluidbrush Avatar

from my experiences, they don't care

joemdesign Avatar

Yeah, no one cares about the penis thing. I would strongly recommend you to check out Budapest, Vienna and Prague, they are gorgeous cities and there are lots of cool things to do in all of them.

madhan4uu Avatar

don't forget Salzburg, the city built on tourism

suprb Avatar

OP are you still here?

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

That's not a question since the sentence doesn't have a question mark.

gmourier Avatar

Once you are finished with the sightseeing, Salzburg is quite boring. Not worth more than a daytrip.