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/trv/ 94: I will be giving travel tips for Denmark ITT. So f...

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I will be giving travel tips for Denmark ITT. So fire away with your questions!

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Are there any places that should be generally avoided?
I.e bydlo of the bydlo towns/cities?

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How expensive is it compared to other countries?

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It's about 50% more expensive than Britain, from my experience. Although some things (like milk) are about the same.

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Well this thread was successful.

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I'll be staying in Copenhagen a few nights this month, tips for public transport or anything else? I read some info on the public transport stuff and found it confusing as heck.

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What's there one shouldn't miss about Christiania?

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Shush, this is not /int/, it's a topic board. Be more patient :3

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Is it true that I can legally have sex in parks in Copenhagen?

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Sorry I eas banned for getting trips. I will reply once my ban expires.

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If we only talk Bydlo places, avoid Randers and Esbjerg at any cost. Small rural cities can be rather bydlo too, especially if they are far from a big city (i.e. Westen Jutland).

Pretty expensive. I consider myself a well-travelled man, and I have only found Norway more expensive. Price level is comparable to Australia and Iceland. Take American prices and multiply it with 1.5-2 to get a Danish price.

We have a zone system. If you stay in the touristy areas you should be fine with a 2-zone-ticket (the cheapest). If you stay within the Old Town we have free bicycles. In case you need to go further than that, renting a bicycle is recommended unless the weather is shit.

Tips for anything else? Well, what do you plan on seeing? Hmm, maybe try Jægersborggade on Nørrebro for good food and a nice vibe - here you'll get to see the non-touristy but nice part of Copenhagen.

Not really. If you are refering to the signs someone put up at Ørstendsparken (know for gay sex - frequented by the Swedish expats) it was a prank. But you can have sex in the park if you are not too obvious, and most people wouldn't report it to the police.

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You can walk across Denmark in a couple of hours. INFA100%

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You can walk east to west in Norway in about 20 minutes.

Joge was own self made :-DDDDDDDDDD

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Only if you're an excellent runner

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Once sea levels rise, Norway will be split in two. Infa 1488%

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Sure, and Denmark will vanish completely.

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We have this island very far north which will become green again once the ice melts. And then we will have plenty of lebensraum and god know how many resouces!

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Are Danes offended if you speak Norwegian to them?

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No, but they'll think you are slightly retarded.

Because you speak Norwegian, not because you confused us for Norwegians