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/trv/ 969: BIKE TOURING

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Any bike-touring-fags around?
Touring since 2008, only Europe so far, ca. 8500km on five tours, greatest achievement- Nordkapp

Share stories, gibe protips!

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the longest trip i had is 200km ;-P in about 19 hours ;-P

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2km got es from shop :D

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I do this sometimes but it's 80% crappy Russian clay roads, mud and suffering. I don't like roads much. that's why we use mostly MTBs in Russia for such purposes.

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There was one Bernd who made IWO-from eastern Germany through Czechia to Austria. Was noice. I dunno if I have it saved somewhere.

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200km to Amsterdam

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you can't be serious, is it an inter-town road? where, na sibirie?

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it's road between two villages. field roads are nice too.

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Those are not roads, those are directions.

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My longest was about 300km.

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Friend of mine travelled from Western Germany to the Black Sea. If you want to know sth. special, i can ask him for sure...

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What was his route? Did he travel alone? I'm curious how does it feel to travel thru countries like Romania, Moldova or Ukraine... (my bike almost got stolen in fairly civilized Tallinn)

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You bike can get stolen anywhere if you aren't careful enough.

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He traveled with a friend, on tour they met a third person, who joined them.
Route was, as far as I remember: Germany-Austria-Hungary and than either thru Romania, or Serbia-Bulgaria. Can't remember.

What he says.

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Yes. I made a thread asking about Sweden... as you are from Finland maybe you could help? The thread is here: >>1190

I did Netherlands and Denmark last summer, total was ~600km. I will now proceed to dump the few pictures I took.

1. my bike before the trip - I bought a new one
2. the route, roughly. the middle section was by train
3. somewhere in holland
4. first 100km

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1. birdy in canals of amsterdam
2. somewhere in holland (first 100km point was here)
3. freemasons in den Haag. also the door to the left of it is the jewish embassy
4. rotterdam at night

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1. noordwijk, nl
2. ferryboat in Rotterdam. Actually I parked my bike in one of the racks on the ferryboat and went inside, and when I came out my bike had been blown over and the front wheel got bent quite badly but I had a train to catch to Germany so I left it for the time being. Next day I payed a German bike repairman 11 euros to flatten my wheel again or something. it's good as new now
3. Delft, nl
4. Escher museum, den Haag

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1. Denmark... I was impressed by the price of diesel
2. quality Danish cycle routes/signage
3. the bridge from Jutland to Fyn
4. another milestone

keyuri85 Avatar

1. Malmo, Sweden

Ah.. that's all I have. I didn't take many pictures. The rest are even more uninteresting. I had a lot of fun anyway and I highly recommend travelling like this. There is no better way to see a country I think.

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Yeah it's fun to see the angle pop up everywhere. Reykjavik also had one - on top of what looked like the chinese embassy? I mean, wut. But my memory might be unreliable.

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I traveled Germany a lot by bike. Right now I'm riding 5-6000km a year (mostly to work). Do you travel alone?
Wanting to do a larger trip with camping gear , since up to now I always stayed in guest houses/pension etc..

Btw going to the black sea there is a nice route along the Danube (Donau in German). I think it is one of the nicest routes in Germany. And you can at least ride it to Budapest without problems.

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I went on a rather failed tour once, it was a last minute decision with bulky gear and unsuitable equipment but godamn i loved every minute of it.

Got any tips on gear and cycling strategy?

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depends on how you tour, self sufficient or credit card tour?

if you're stealth camping, stay away from any place were kids like to hang out and other drunken morons. If they find you, you'll probably be in for a fight for either your life or all your gear.

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Biggest trip: Germany/Czech Republic --> Netherlands, 1500km, 8 Days
Funny thing is always meeting people near your home town. Got chased by police without knowing it because of riding my bike inside a pedestrian area.

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Did several tours Hamburg-Berlin (the path along the river Elbe is gorgeous), one along the river Main and one Hamburg-Berlin-Nuremberg-Basel.
But even on long tours I hardly manage more than 100km/day.
How comes you all do so much more? What to do?
Start biking to work?
Buy a better bike?
Less equipment?

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In the beginning of July, i do this - but starting in Verona.

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I went from Sczeczin to Gdansk in Poland a few weeks ago with a friend.

We managed to do around 100-130km a day and camped in the woods or at the sea.
Probably the most fun I ever had! Can't wait to do it again.

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My longest was something like 1000 km's in 2 weeks within Hungary. Also cycled from Dresden to Prague last year.
This thread is inspiring, I really need to do some more serious cycling soon. My dream is to go from the north of Norway to southeast China.

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longest trip so far: 8500km to the north cape and back.

>I do this sometimes but it's 80% crappy Russian clay roads, mud and suffering.

My dream...
cross russia and reach Wladi Wostok. Or Kamchatka if possible.

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I'll have loads of time next year. How do I get into bike-touring? Any tipps? Stuff like "Bike-touring for dummies"? I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Perhaps start on Euroroute R1 and see how far you can get. At least that is what i'm planning to do.

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That's a pretty good idea. Thanks.