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Can someone of you gentlemen's recommend a couple of good movies to someone who wants to learn German language?

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Good and funny German Movies:

Bang Boom Bang - Ein todsicheres Ding

Was nicht passt wird passend gemacht (not the TV-Series though)

Fack ju Göhte (only the first Movie)

Er ist wieder da

Other very good German WW2 Movies:

Das Boot (5+ Hour TV-Series Version)


Der Untergang

Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter


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23 – Nichts ist so wie es scheint

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Er ist wieder da is hilarious but all of the funny stuff is stolen from the book, then they tacked on unfunny bullshit about how evil Germany is.

Der Untergang is disgustingly naive as is Dresden.

Better buy Iron Sky though of course the German is mostly dub, originally English.

About any foreign movie is dubbed, so if you know the English already you could go for the German audio and subtitles. Subtitles /multilanguage are however usually provided only on jewelcase real-Buy at real-Store DVDs. Cheap magazine add-on DVD usually has German audio only, no multilanguage, no subtitle.

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Oh yeah and I didnt finish 23 even. Slimy giggling overload.

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Oh yeah, um you know, i also suck dick for a living and i don't have any accent at all. Oh my gosh i'm talking too much.

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Das Experiment (from 2001 not 2010)

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Karbid und Sauerampfer

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You should also try to get into audio plays. There's a lot more to chose from in that category for Germans go nuts on them. You can download many on the pages of public broadcasting companies like HR, BR, SWR, NDR,... It's called "Hörspiel" in German.

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Otto der Außerfriesische
Pappa ante Portas
Praxis Dr. Hasenbein
Voll normaaal
Werner Beinhart

That should do the trick.

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Toni Erdmann

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Mein liebster Feind:
Documentary by Director Werner Herzog, about his work with actor and professional maniac Klaus Kinski.

Postapocalyptic Thriller with great actors, good dialogue and neat production design.

Absolute Giganten:
My favourite german movie, three friends spent a last night together before one of them has to depart.

Das Millionenspiel:
German take on the "Running Man" theme, twentie years before "Running Man".
The Film wasn't banned, but ended up being locked away anyway. About 30 years after the first screening ist was made availabale to the public again and became a cult classic.

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Lammbock fehlt auchnoch

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Lammbock oder Lommbock?