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Hello krautchan, I present to you the culmination of nearly a years worth of work and community-building; /tg/craft iteration 2 - Silea Ravni. Launch is on 30th of June, so stay tuned on our Discord for updates!

Server IP:

>Who are you?
We are a community of people working towards making a great Minecraft server for channers with a thing for traditional rpg, free of cancer, autism and 13 year olds that plague most Minecraft servers.

>How do I know this server will last?
The server is already booked until winter on an expensive, high performance box that can sustain 200 players together with the hilarious amount of server-side plugins we have, all without any performance dips! After then, if activity falls, we will move to a cheaper box so as to keep this server up and running for the longest amount of time possible (which is well over a year!).

After then, the map will be uploaded for anyone to be capable of downloading it.

>Will there be players on this server for that long?
Definitely! /tg/craft has already had active populations for months on end even without advertisements and community growth. We have a dedicated playerbase from previous servers who are guaranteed to come and stay to play for a long time.

>What makes this server different from other Minecraft servers? It's not even modded, is it?
The server requires no client-side modpacks to play on. However, we have added a plethora of new stuff to it via server plugins, that renders /tg/craft gameplay quite distinct from vanilla Minecraft. We have 23 new crops with their own plants, fruit, juices, pies, cakes, and other related food items. We have a custom made map, which is far more beautiful than any randomly generated Minecraft map. We have magic spells, we have guns, we have early industrial stuff, we have RPGitems, we have Brewery, we have Gods, and far, far more stuff such as Slimefun, New Items, Chestshops, buyable NPC guardsmen, .Werewolves, Vampires and more!

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General Rules

1.) No combat hacks.
This means no usage of modded clients which give a direct mechanical aim/damage/range bonus to its user. Xray is fine. Minimaps are fine. Kill Aura and trajectory predictors are not.

2.) No spamming.
Since there's no global chat, spamming can only be done in 3 ways and all 3 are guaranteed to get a permanent ban.
a) Creating/deleting a town repeatedly.
b) Consistently and rapidly privately messaging a person even after they've made it clear that they want you to stop.
c) Spamming the chat in lobby.
If more ways to spam are discovered, staff will take the necessary precautions to punish it even if it is not specifically covered by this rule at the time.

3.) Shitting up the /tg/craft wiki, board, discord or community in general.
This means the following;
a) Being banned repeatedly from the /tg/craft discord for severe and repeated rule violations. If you don't like the discord's rules, just stay away from it.
b) Editing lore of other players on the wiki without their explicit permission to do so at the time.
c) Submitting NSFW lore and imagery to the wiki or board.
d) Threathening community members and/or creating unnecessary personal drama and conflict with harrassment, blackmails, or humiliation.

4.) Intentionally disrupting the server's operation
Creating lag machines, bricking plugins, or abusing glitches, inadvertently or not, in such as a way to disrupt server operation will have the offending player temporarily banned for a duration of a week minimum and 60 days maximum. Since proper lag machines often require a team effort, or town members are atleast generally aware of what their neighbours are doing, the penalties may be shared across the entire town. Tell your fellow players to stop - if they refuse, report them.


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5.) No Towns or Nations without Lore
If your town or nation does not have a wiki page up 72 hours after it has been founded, and this wiki page does not contain approximately 200 words of lore written in comprehensible english, you can expect to receive a warning from an admin. Several repeated warnings may result in your town being deleted.
Additionaly, if your lore is not representative of server theme, we may reject it. You will be given another 72 hours after then to try and write again, and you will be guided by the admin and/or the community towards improving your lore to fit in.
Failure to comply multiple times will result in a permanent ban. Pretending to be dumb and writing memelore that is blatantly ridiculing this rule's intent will get you temporary bans ranging from 24 hours to 30 days, or perhaps having the permission the make towns revoked from you permanently.

6.) No alt accounts allowed
Using multiple Minecraft accounts to play on this server will get you perma-banned on all of them..

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And remember, Helvetia is your go-to choice when it comes to neutrality and other jewery, oy vey (^:

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>free of cancer, autism
So why do you post that here? Also I dont wanna Play together with "channers if that implies guys from other places then KC.

But sounds not bad tbh. Maybe I give it a try someday

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Join Venkatapur if you want big temples and comfy houses while still being close to nature. Anyone is welcome to join, just don't be a total shitter.

Our style of architecture and lore is somewhat southeast Asian, with some Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese influences (no, we are not poo in loos).

ping koopers#6138 in the discord if you are interested.

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there's a difference between destructive edgy cancerous 12yo autism, and banter. Also yeah, more than just kc people are on it, I still think it's worth a try

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The server belongs to a Croatian, if that makes invading it more tempting.

Anyone looking to set up their own town\nation, I'll be glad to help you write up lore and nation pages. I've tried to impose some semblance of navigation on the home page as well.

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The nether is custom made. Really beautiful in my opinion.

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bydlo server