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/vip/ 25953: Saxons (or Central Europeans) on Mars in Ancient Times...

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Let's see if I can draft this theory better... I'm using the heritage of the Central European Y-Chromosome to connect the face on Mars to Humans.

1. The latitude of the most supreme soil in the world, the special 45 N parallel of Europe and Nebraska/Iowa and 45 S in Argentina, exists on Mars, because the Earth and Mars have the same tilt and the oval shape of the ellipse modulates the North and South climates the same way, creating a zone around the 45 N with few extremes (which occurs without or with the moderating effect of the Ocean).

2. Ancient tales of Mars have something to do with Agriculture/Climate.

3. The oldest depiction of a mobile star map identifies this latitude, possibly carried on from more ancient times, under instruction to remember it.

4. People of ancient times generally had larger skulls. Men of today still have skulls as large as the ancients, but in ancient times, smaller skulls that are common today were very rare.

5. People of the 45 N parallel have a history of resettling at the 45 N for the climate and soil (ancient Native Americans and modern European-Americans)
a. The "4 seasons" or "fertile area" in North America is also under the moderating shield of a great mountain range, like the Face on Mars has via Olympus Mons.
b. The first men on Mars can use a copy of the Nebra Sky Disk to locate the latitude of the Face on Mars.

6. People who live at the most fertile areas at the ~45 N parallel are xenophobic, and they always have been. We don't let the world know that we have the most fertile areas for obvious reason -- they would want to move in and take it.

7. The native land of the vast majority of Astronauts, and those who made space travel possible, is about the 45 N, in the "very moderate climate" zone, which is the same as the face.

8. The "supreme race" and "God of War" or "Mars," STILL currently live in Nebraska and Saxony, in the center of the continent, at about the 45 N. They are upset at the stupid and violent side of the Earth.

9. There is a pole in the Heartland of Europe and one in the Heartland of North America. Pole as in "poland" or center, the root of "pol," meaning "politics, police, police, polis." The face on Mars is a "third pole." The pole of Nebraska was settled and labelled in ancient times by Saxons. There are Siouxans of Nebraska at the 45 N and Heartland of North America (Ancestral Nebraska stretches to Winnipeg) and there are Saxons of Nebra at the Heartland of Europe. The Saxons of Nebra settled at the 45 N in North America in ancient times. There is lots of proof of this. The surnames of the Sioux people are the same as the surnames of the Saxons. They have the swastika. The Sioux were, comparatively, a people of honor, great height and intelligence, just like the Saxons. They also kept both ancient names for the Area. The common native name for the center of North America is Nebraska, but the other native name is Nebraski. In proto-European and modern slavic, both of these names mean "of Nebra." This is another indication that the Sioux are literally Saxons and the word Siouxan is actually the word Saxon. The more you look, the more you will find here, because this is the truth.

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>As an agricultural guardian, he directs his energies toward creating conditions that allow crops to grow, which may include warding off hostile forces of nature. As an embodiment of masculine aggression, he is the force that drives wars – but ideally, war that delivers a secure peace.

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>Siouxans of Nebraska at the pole of North America
>Saxons of Nebra at the pole of Europe
>??? of ??? at the pole of Cydonia

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Iron Cross forums will have a shit-posting relative at the other old Saxon pole before the year 2100.

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>Tlaloc (Classical Nahuatl: Tlāloc [ˈtɬaːlok])[1] was an important deity in Aztec religion; as supreme god of the rains, he was also by extension a god of fertility and of water. He was widely worshipped as a beneficent giver of life and sustenance, but he was also feared for his ability to send hail, thunder, and lightning, and for being the lord of the powerful element of water.

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An Interplanetary Lion with a Face in its Heart.

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Finish the face!

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We'll shoot our way to Mars!

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