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/vip/ 26831: kinderenbernd documentaries presents

jpotts18 Avatar

Watching documentary together! It's about kids alone home for a week!
We start with the girls

and then comes the boys

or vice versa
I'm very interested in this topic to find out more about myself and for personal reasons. So I guess this is going to be about our childhood and a comfy laidback infotainmentevening!

p_kosov Avatar

Okay so I've watched those two documentaries. This is my opinion:
I liked how the boys have had fun wrecking the house and I don't blame them. Michael was supposedly the bad boy destroying everything. Michael was bullied for his strange behavior but he was a little and rather shy boy with inner aggressions. I'd like to take care of him to make him become a strong character. I mean he seems disturbing to people but it was the other boys who were bullies. Obviously bullying is a healthy natural character to opress or even kill the weak and depressed/mentally different persona. I don't blame nobody. Injust think Michael can be guided by adults into the right direction. He needs confidence and such. From the documentary you see how boys love to be active and for example kill a squirrel for fun. I think society should let them be more active by doing sporty competitions and more sports t school for example running just before it begins or pushups durng class. I adore these little boys for being so energetic.

The girls obviously.. well you know I liked them. Those little cute bums, feet and awww faces and bellies... so cute. That being said, I wondered if the black girl being a special snowflake showing something about her race or its coincidental that she was the character who was so outstanding closing up the bathroom door and annoying the girls. She at the same time seems a bit grown up for her age as she talks and walks not so much like a kid, more like an unpleasant balck young woman.

So all in all I liked this show and I would like adults to allow their kids more often being kids. Obviously in your house you want them to be tidy so send them out into nature where the boys can beat squirrels with a stick (just kidding) and the girls don't need it so much but still they would like it as well.
No parent was able to intervene and I liked this also. Parent your kids well so that you can from time to time leave them alone for gods sake!

alagoon Avatar

girls: fucking nigger, annoying screaming all the time
boys: random destroying things, but atleast 2 groups held together like in lord of flies