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/wk/ 14386: Need some help

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Heil my German friends. Today I bought Ferlach, but can not determine year of manufacture of the gun 38 or 48? Can you healp me?

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38 is only the Code for "Genossenschaft der Büchsenmacher".

The NPV stamp was only used from 1929 to 1937, a gun from 1938 must have the german eagle stamp, so I think its from 1948.

If you want to know it 100% you can ask in Ferlach, they will help you for sure!

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Picture two. Above the NPV..
>>14388 a Eagle.

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I didn't think that all this is so difficult. On guns in my country is always only year and factory.
So how can i ask Ferlach?
Before i think, that Ferlach does not exist at all in our times, lol.

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Yeah, but its not GERMAN, learn to read.
You can call or mail them:
Tel.: +43 (4227) 2251
Fax: +43 (4227) 3714
Email: [email protected]

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>Yeah, but its not GERMAN, learn to read.
From were is this Eagle?

Where can I read it?
You mentioned only the missing german Eagle.
>a gun from 1938 must have the german eagle stamp

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yeah but its the typical AUSTRIAN eagle, not the german one!

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I would say its from after 45.
The Eagle is of shitty quality, but the pre-38 one seems slightly wider than the post-45 one and the one on OPs gun seems to be of the more narrow kind.

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Also the wings are longer. Pretty sure its post-45.
Call them OP, im interested now.

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I wrote them on [email protected]

they do not meet :(