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/wk/ 15132: Why are Deutschland gun laws so shit compared to the CH...

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Why are Deutschland gun laws so shit compared to the CH?

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CH planning on leaving Schengen if EU firearms proposal is ratified

>"When conflicts arise, Switzerland must put its sovereignty first," said Blocher, a businessman and vice president of the SVP, which is the country's biggest party. "In an emergency, Switzerland should be ready to exit Schengen."

Czech against it too:

Meanwhile WBK holders are going to get cucked twice with more laws. One passed thanks to the filthy mudslime shitskin who bought his gun from the darknet. The other law because of frogs getting shot by ahmed from the EU lel.

Move to the CH, join protell, vote for the SVP and save yourself the headache.

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Because we're not a free country

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I don't understand why shooters in Germany keep putting up with all the onerous laws that keep getting passed. Just move to Switzerland, Czech Republic or even Austria which all have far superior laws.

Fuck Merkel and the socialist goons.

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German gun laws aren't bad actually.

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They're not britbong tier but they are way worse than czech or swiss laws

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They're terrible.

>mandatory registration
>magazine limits, limits on how much ammo you can own
>gesta- err police can come to your house to check on your guns

czech republic and switzerland are the only countries in europe that have gun laws right

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>need a seperate licence for every gun

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>Fuck Merkel and the socialist goons.


German gun laws are neither the fault of Merkel nor the fault of the "Socialists" (of which there are hardly any in Germany to begin with, the politically left spectrum is mainly filled out by Social-Democrats).

Read a book you fucking foreign subhuman scum.

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>>magazine limits, limits on how much ammo you can own

Unteralterüberkrebsnogunner detektiert

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>>magazine limits, limits on how much ammo you can own

Unteralterüberkrebsnogunner detektiert

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spotted the merkel and/or socialist cocksucker.

Which is why the gun control after the shooting in 2009 passed under her, right? why the cdu and spd said that you need more gun control after the munich shooting?

stop excusing your shit laws. the CDU and SPD are what fucked up gun laws in cuckmany so much. your """"""conservative""""""" party isn't even conservative.

german gun laws are absolute shit and you have the second strictest laws in the EU tied with france. your country is a threat to legal gun owners in Switzerland and the Czech Republic for shilling the gun grabbing proposal in the EU and flooding the continent with shitskins.

SPD and CDU are entirely to blame for the draconian laws that began in the early 2000's starting with the shooting in erfurt

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>spotted the merkel and/or socialist cocksucker.

Spotted the Vatnik PROOF roster.

And there are still no socialists in Germany, faglord. That's more a French thing.

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>Auf meinem /wk/


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Weil unser entwaffnetes Kuschelvölkchen ja auch so tolle Beiträge zum Thema Waffenbesitz bringen kann oder?

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Cause the ones that might be mad about the time when laws still largely in place were first enforced were gassed.
And since Germans tend to be ok with a ton of paperwork to get what they want the current laws are not perceived to be terribly bad. (you can still buy an AR ..)

The real question is not why are German laws bad, but why are Swiss and Czech laws decent compared to the rest of Europe?

And the answer is:
The Swiss had enough of being occupied by foreign forces a few hundred years ago and armed themselves (with evil assault crossbows).
An the Czech had enough of being occupied by foreign forces (Nazi and Soviet) a few decades ago.

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Danke Merkel

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delet this>>15132

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Because nazis took them away.